Lespedeza!! Help!

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by Lawncareguy, May 9, 2005.

  1. Lawncareguy

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    New seeding last October and I put down 800 lbs of turf type fescue and starter fertilizer. Used a straw blower and covered , watered, etc and grass sprouted up really nice. Now, after the first two cuts I have common lespedeza all over the place! It must have come from the straw because it came up every where newly seeded/strawed. It is at the early stage with the little yellow flowers now--how do I get rid of it without killing turf?

    I will worry later this fall about aerating/over seeding/lime to thicken but I need a sure fix on the lespedeza now without zapping what I have already started.

    HelP! :dizzy:

  2. jbell113

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    weed b gone from home depot and a hose end sprayer
  3. rodfather

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    Exactly why I do NOT ever use straw unless erosion is a concern. Period

    NEAL ANDREWS LawnSite Member
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    herbicide crossbow it want hurt the grass ,but will get the clover.
  5. Garth

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    If you have to pull it by hand, just get it out. Sericea lepedeza can produce a taproot up to 4 feet long. It takes up all available water around the plant and it's allelopathic, producing a toxin that keeps turf grass seed from germinating. It's also a lousy nitrogen fixer even though it's a legume so your grass will yellow with it in the soil. It was classified as a noxious weed but not until it was spread all over the Eastern U.S
  6. Enviro Green

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    Call tru green and just make them come back and back until it is gone. Remember, they have a gurarentee!


    It can be very hard to kill. We used to use confront with great success, but now, who knows?

  7. Lawncareguy

    Lawncareguy LawnSite Member
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    Thanks for all the replies. This thing is going to get messy before its over.



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