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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by DaleL, Aug 16, 2003.

  1. DaleL

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    I have been licensed and operating my fert biz for 3 - 4 years now. I've primarily been selling residential customers on five apps and have generally been successful with these lawns staying green and mostly 'weed free'. I cringe, however, when I get a call from someone who is requesting 3 or 4 apps/year because I'm not that experienced doing less than five.

    I have done 4 apps on a property or two where I got to them late in the spring and laid down Dimension and broadleaf on the same visit and then go on to do the next 3 apps along with the others that received a pre-m.

    Also this year I've had a couple properties that just insist on 4 apps and I have chosen to delete the mid-summer fert (unless they are getting grub control) so that I can still get the two blanket apps of broadleaf weed. Should I consider 'dropping' another app as opposed to this one?

    Is there a reasonably successful 3 app program you recommend for those (commercial) accounts that only wish to have 3 done? Your insights will be greatly appreciated! Thanks...

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    We go through the same type of poeple here as well, I'm like yourself in that doing 4 apps can get a little stretched with applications. You definitely need to charge the premium with these types, your assuming more risk with less visits and obviously more headaches when the call saying they still have a weed problem. I would recommend that you do the spring treatment with dimension and hold it until early to mid May, then keep a summer, late summer or fall, and then a winterizer. Summer is actaully critical with the insect issues and disease problems. To risky to not be there when all most the stresses will occur. the fall and winterizer can then be spaced according to the weather your having.

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    i do 6 apps anthing less and i dont promis good results
    i will do less but i charge more for less apps why should i kill myself and try to do in 4 apps what everyone is paying to have done in 6 apps
  4. GLAN

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    If appliations is your only business

    then you should offer a few programs

    Platinum - Best lawn
    Gold - Good lawn
    Silver - Average lawn

    Platinum getting all the apps for a primo lawn

    Gold getting say no winter fert, no fall weed control etc.....

    Silver - basic 4 ferts and 1 weed killer, etc.

    You can figure it out, as to what works for you. You can try calling Chemlawn for an estimate brochure and have them mail it.
  5. GroundKprs

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    If you learn all you can about the physiology of turfgrass peculiar to your environment, you can meet client expectations with 1 app or 10 apps. After over 20 years, I ran into one new one this year that will be getting monthly apps next year to meet client perceptions.

    I have one client who likes to spend the summer boating, rather than mowing. Lawn is mostly KBG, fine fescue in shady areas. Lawn gets pre-em and 0.25# N in spring, and full fert app in Sept, broadleaf control in early Nov. This lawn is definitely thin, but it stays green, and roots go to 10". They know any time they want a premium lawn, they just have to let me know in Sept. to change the program for the next year's lawn.
  6. I believe a premium lawn can be acheived with less than 4 applications per season with the right products and correct application dfates!

    DUSTYCEDAR LawnSite Fanatic
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    that is true in my area 6 is the norm
  8. You can do with 2 or 3 apps, it's just what you are applying.
  9. DaleL

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    So most of you are saying it's more an issue of WHAT is applied and WHEN application is applied rather than the # visits. Is this something I will 'learn' with more experience? Come on guys! Can you give me more than that!

    For example, if a customer wants 3 apps only - Do I try to acheive putting down preM, 4 to 6 lbs. N & BL weed control in only those 3 visits?! Is that what is being said? :confused: :confused: :confused:

    Thanks for feedback...

    PS: I'm NOT trying to be difficult!
  10. Nobody said apply all 4# of the reccomended nitrogen a year in 1 app, that's why you are splitting them up.

    However I only apply about 3# of n a year.

    #1 19-0-6 with pre em

    #2-3 choice here; 50% slow release summer app or wait till end of summer and hit 2 apps of 24-6-12 25% beginning of sept and late nov.

    You could get away with a 2 fert and weed job doing this too.

    I try to do a minimum of 4 apps 3 fert and 1 weed, but I will spot spray the weed on the last also.

    Where are you getting your supplies at? They can help you out much better than we can.

    There are reasons many of us don't do this. This side of the biz is a money machine/ profit generator.

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