lessco vipers?


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check the search feature on the site. Hit the search icon at the top and type in Lesco viper or if that doesn't find it hit ztr's there has been discussion in past posts.


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Viper ztrs are made by the same company that manufactures the MTDpro line of mowers. Lesco is the owner of the manufacturing co.<br>This info is given to me from the local lesco branch manager. As far as quality, I demoed one with a peco collection system , unit cut ok but had some kinda funky vibrations. This mower has not been on the market too long and everytime I'm at lesco there appear to be a bunch stacked up in the back of the warehouse waiting for service. I did not buy one becuase i asked how many they had sold and the manager told me 15 and on the day i was in there were 8 in for service. Some of which did not seem as though were moved since I had been there a week before.