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  1. mike payne

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    I just got my appicatiors license, are Lessco good products to use?
  2. KLR

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    Mike, seems like many have looked at this thread but no replys, so i'll jump in and give you my opinion.

    question was is Lesco products good to use?

    sure, i'd give their products a thumbs up

    now, lets talk service and price. thats where i give them a thumbs down.

    but thats just my opinion based on my experience with them.
  3. Ric

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  4. GarPA

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    I too have had some issues with their Lesco prices....has anyone used Lebanon Turf products...I hear their stuff is pretty good....dont know yet if I have an outlet here but I think we do
  5. PaulJ

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    I have had great service from my Lesco store, I have to drive about 100 miles but it is worth it for the quality of product and the knowledge of the sales people.

    I think Lesco's product is consistently high quality. Their service varies from store to store. Check out a couple stores close to you and make up your own mind.

    Price for me they are a bit cheaper than the local supplier I trust, but with the drive it's about even. Last year I used about half Lesco and half local. This year I am going to use at least 90% Lesco because of the reasons mentioned above.
  6. Mscotrid

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    The one thing I have learned after 20 plus years in the Green Industry is to support your vendors. To often we try to cherry pick and beat down our vedors for a better price.

    If you haven't noticed the number of give-aways has dwindled. Look at the number of vendors at the trade shows. There is definitely a lack of enthusiasim by our suppliers. I have friends who work for various companies and they tell me products are selling for less now than they did 10 yaers ago.

    I personally give the majority of my business to one supplier. I compare pricing to keep me informed and i stopped spending to much time worrying about .15 cents a bag here or $2.00 a gallon there.

    Find a vendor you trust and keep in mind they are not without fault. Look at your own organization and see if you can improve your efficiency. Also i do not expect my vendor to have all the answers. Do you have all the answers when your employee's or customers approach you? No, how come.

    I will continue to buy from the vedors who support our industry. I have never and will not ever buy from a vendor that is not active or a supporter of our Green Industry.

    Just my ramblin opinion

  7. TOMMY1115

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    I'm sorry to hear that your service is below par, and each store is different. Obviously it depends on the personalities of the individuals you are working with.
    Anyway, as far as pricing being a thumbs down as well. All I have to say to that is give us some idea of what the competion is at. So many of the competiors go in and just drop prices, they don't sell the products on quality, delivery, etc. Just PRICE!! Which isn't neccessarily bad, it just makes pricing to you harder to judge wondering what price they will throw out there this time.

    You contractors are in the same boat. Do you know what everyone of your competitors are doing lawns for?? Are they always the same?? Chances are, probably not!!

    Here's an example:

    Your normal price for a 7,000 sqft lawn is $45. A customer calls you to bid their lawn and tells you they are having it done for $55. Do you keep your price at $45, or do you move closer to that $55 dollar price knowing you can do a better job??

    And it works the other way as well. Your normal price is $55. The competion is at $45. The customer calls you to bid the lawn. At what price do you bid knowing you have a better service to offer??

    Hopefully you went for a higher price because you know you do a better job. I'll hop down off my soapbox now..... :dizzy:

  8. TSM

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    Tom, heres my experience with Lesco;

    Please quote me the lowest price for product xx (we have a substantial product budget)

    Few days later we are quoted their 'best' price

    Some time later we get a quote from another vendor for less $$$
    (comparing apples to apples)

    Go back to Lesco, show them their competitor price, and they say 'ok we'll match that'
    To many that sounds good? To me thats a turn off. I originally asked for their best price, they said this is it.....but was it? NO, not if they now lower price because another vendor can sell for less!

    Now, as far as our service;
    Competitor quotes Mrs Jones $55, our price is $45....we (I) do not up our price, we (I) do not allow competition to dictate our pricing.
    Same goes if competitor tells Mrs Jones price is $35, if our price is $45, thats where it stays. "Thank you for your interest in our service Mrs Jones, and wish you luck with that other company, feel free to call us back if things don't work out for you"

    We quote Mrs Jones what we (I) feel is our best price and allows us to earn a living. We do not lower (or raise) a price because another company quotes differently.

    But, Tom, I do appreciate your loyalty (I assume you work for Lesco?)
  9. TOMMY1115

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    I agree with you.. If you ask for the best price, you should get the best price. The price is the price. Come to the table with the price in pen.

    What I was saying was, based off of what I have seen from this post and other posts, people seemed to be upset about the price they get from us. You know as well as I do, prices fluctuate (spelling??) up and down competitor to competitor, customer to customer. We try to maintain same pricing for customers of the same size, just as you do. I'm sure you don't have 15 different prices for a 7,000 sq ft lawn. You have one price, and the price is the price. We are the same way, unless we have some info about the competition. With that in mind, this is where the competitive information comes in handy.

    As far the Mrs. Jones example, maybe part of this is based off of the side of the counter we are on, but why would you leave money, pure profit (raising the price example), on the table? I can understand not wanting to have 10 different prices for the same size customer.

  10. TSM

    TSM LawnSite Senior Member
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    Tom,you ask....

    but why would you leave money, pure profit (raising the price example), on the table?

    i figure if i give Mrs Jones a fair market price (as set by our pricing rates) we will certainly increase profit when a happy Mrs Jones spreads the word and we increase customer count.

    I would struggle with my conscience if i raised her price simply because i could.......silly of me to feel that way? probably, but life is short

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