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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by sgtgm5, Aug 27, 2002.

  1. sgtgm5

    sgtgm5 LawnSite Member
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    Welp, had an accident this weekend and my truck is in the shop for a month. I knew i should have bought another truck but due to the harsh summer my funds are limited to where I am not able to buy a truck without a loan.

    The point being of this,,, is if you can afford always plan ahead for transportation and be prepaired when equipment breaks down. And,, what dose'nt kill me makes me stronger... I hope
  2. drobson

    drobson LawnSite Member
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    that makes me think about my situation. I have one truck and have been thinking about buying another, but business is kind of slow and I'm not sure I want the extra insurance, taxes, etc.. that come with another vehicle on the road. But I'd be in the same bind as you if my truck broke down tomorrow.. I may have to re-think my situation again...
  3. sgtgm5

    sgtgm5 LawnSite Member
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    Ohh, let me tell ya. From what im stressing over now I only wished I had another truck because I'm worried about not being there on the days I usually am. I'm a man of my word and only If my customers knew how stressed out I am right now to make them feel happy I would be rich. HEHE

    If you have enough funds, please, due your self a favor and find a cheap back up. Im beating myself now for not doing it
  4. drobson

    drobson LawnSite Member
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    My main concern has always been having a backup for my plow, so that is what I have been stressing over. I had never really thought about a major breakdown during the other seasons.. Wow, if I had truck problems in the fall it would be devistating.. Now where did I put that Want Ad????????
  5. MJStrain

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    You know I never once gave a second thought to something breaking down. All of my equipment is brand new...but they could break down. My vehicle is a 90 Chevy Celebrity Wagon. I bought it when my wife made a comment about my shiny new pickup (..well at least your customers will know where you spend all their money...). :rolleyes:
    The wagon has a really cool styling and a custom paint job, slick looking tires, and a few extra horses under the hood (310 hp). Makes for an unassuming ride. And the customers really like it. Slick without screaming big bucks... Anyway I digress, I was talking about backup...think I'll start looking for another old station wagon to fix up.;) Oh goody...another toy...:blob3:
  6. Wayne Offiler

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    Last couple of times my truck was in the shop I rented a small cube van from U-Haul. I like the one on the Toyota chassis. Only 10' long, but rather wide. I can get my basic equipment in it, and make do quite well for short periods of time. At $ 19.99 per day and .39 per mile, its cheap enough.
  7. sgtgm5

    sgtgm5 LawnSite Member
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    wayne,,, thank you, I never even thought of that
  8. I bought a plow truck to use as back up past Feb. when I had to put a clutch in mine. Was hoping to sell the plow and buy a dump bed for it. See what happens this fall, maybe somebody willing to gamble on some snow.
    Rental truck was always my backup plan until this year, lot less $ than keeping 2 trucks-not as convenient as having one waiting right there
  9. ProMo

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    nothing like u-haul lawn service
  10. Gravely_Man

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    Promo Lawn Services you said it "nothing like u-haul lawn service." Do this will get you by but makes your image look less then desirable.

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