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    I,m Alonso and I,work in maryland,washington dc and northern of virginia I, read some comments. about one person he tell to a member of this site if mexicans give you hard time call ICE. give your oppinion. some people said the hispanics take their jobs. who wants to work for$8.50 an hour. 50 to 70 hours. a week sometimes 105 degrees. under rain.with no vaccations. holly days and sickdays. ask eny company why they bring more then 200,000 people every season. i just to work for a company who give me lay off and dont pay me my last pay check. what do you think(whith respect). 1;who pick up the croops in cali, florida, etc. 2;not everybody is mexican ,their salvadorians.honduras,guatemala,peruvians3;In the army are and was a lot hispanics defending this country. some of them die. 4;we dont destroy the twin towers and the pentagon. 5;who make your burgers,taco bell. and burritos. and who clean the bathrooms in the mall. its nothing personal let me know what you think.
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    No one takes my jobs I loose a customer know and then some move or pass away it happens. Sometimes someone will under bid but I think my prices are very reasonable and I won't bend usually from what I see lco's that are loosing work its because they don't do a good job.

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