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Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by RTallday, Apr 21, 2001.

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    WEll everyone, i am just dropping a line to let everyone know that the restoration of my 1979 K-20 WILL begin this week. I have already done so much to the truck, replaced the floors, rockers, cab corners, around the rear wheels, new fenders, etc. But, stupid me, i left the truck in primer, saying "ill finish it soon" So two years later, im redoing it all, but itll be great when im done. Im leaving the floors, they were done right. I also did door skins, but im replacing the doors, got brand new ones, new fenders, inners, rockers, and a really mint tailgate. Im psyched, but my wallet is a little nervous. I also have to do the body mounts, and that isnt going to be too much fun. Oh well, thats the price we all must pay to own one of the older chevys. Ill keep you posted.


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    Yeah, why are you starting the resto of a vehicle with so many problems? These trucks are really cheap. The only reason I started restoring my 73 is because I have 3 other parts trucks. Otherwise I would have bought a good foundation first. How much have you spent so far on parts?
  4. RTallday

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    Well, I bought my 79 two years ago for $1,500. The truck is a K-20, with a 350, 4 speed and a 205 t- case. The truck has origional mileage, 90,000 and the motor has 60,000 miles on it. bought it from a friend who got it to tow his race car 6 times a year. He had it for 1 year, and he got it from an old guy who towed his boat with it. He was the origional owner. Wasnt a bad buy for me. I worked in body shops and thats where i did some of the work. The floor pans, cab corners, rockers, door skins, etc. Then, last april, i bought a 78 c-10 from another friend, with a 350, and TH-400. He needed to get rid of it cause he didnt have money to finish the truck, so i got it for 500 bucks. It had BRAND NEW GM PARTS!!! Fenders, inner fenders, Hood, aftermarket door shells, but they fit beautifully. Also, had a great bed and good running motor which i sold and made back more than the 500 i invested in the parts truck. I also kept the rad support and tailgate, which was used, but in great shape. Im restoring the truck cause i love it for some reason, and i am 19, so the bills for other stuff arent really there YET. Im still motavated so im going for it, and its gonna be mint when its all done. All i have to buy is the stuff for the windows in the doors, 1 new regulator and the new rubber and tracks. So altogether in the truck, not including the 500 for the parts truck, cause i made that back, i might have about $2,000. This also includes a new oil pan, pump, valve covers, and some gaskets. Maybe $2,200. Its gonna take a while,but ill get it done, and this time, its getting paint!!! Talk to you guys later.
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    i bought my 79 k20 silverado for 1500 with a blown engine now 5000 later i have got the truck i want and no payment i would go for it and fix it up .
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    Good luck to you then.
  7. Jeff's Classics

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    Hey, go for it if it's what you want.
    I bought my '76 from the original owner with 89K on the clock. 454, dual A/C, TH400, and all original. In the last 6 months I've changed ALL the fluids, replaced the radiator, recharged the A/C, rebuilt the carb, rebuilt the PS pump, done a valve job, repainted the engine and brackets, replaced all hoses and belts, resealed the A/C ductwork, installed new hinge pins and bushings, added headers and a Performer intake with new 2-1/2" exhaust, and put in a nice stereo. It is paid for, I take GREAT pride in it, and I have about $6K in it, which a ton less than a new Suburban costs!
    Have fun!
  8. RTallday

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    Wow, sounds like you have done a bit of work yourself. Im sure it turned out great when you were done. Mine will too I think, because I am going to do things the right way. Thanks for your support.


    It will be fun.
  9. badtoy76

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    Sounds like you have a great project!!! I say go for it!! I thought my project truck was in good shape until I found ALOT of Bondo. Since then, I have replaced both doors and bed sides. Now I am working on replacing the cab, front left fender, and the frame(the frame under it is from a longbed that was cut down). Lots of work but like you, I love the truck for some crazy reason. Good Luck!!
  10. 75

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    badtoy76 - one of the nice things about having a '73 - '87 Chev/GMC "project truck" is the fact that body parts are readily available & fairly affordable (even here in Canada!) - I don't even worry about repairing doors/fenders/inner fenders if they're badly rusted, just toss 'em & replace 'em.

    And repair panels for the cab are also readily available.

    As far as what I call "idiot parts" (trim pieces, switches, hood latch etc) there's plenty of availability there too - either in junkyards or specialty companies that deal in Chevy truck components. Now, finding parts for my '78 Capri (built in Europe, imported by Ford in the '70's) is a different story!

    Definitely "go" for this project Rich - and do keep us posted on progress!

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