Let's build a Lazer blade database. What works for you?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Keith, Mar 28, 2003.

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    In my quest for a deal on blades I have run across numerous blades for my 60" Lazer. If anyone has any experience with these, especially if you have used several of them, I would like to hear what has worked best for you. I was hoping to build some good info for people to search, so add other cut sizes to it as well.

    The Excalibur blades from Exmark:

    103-2530...Notched air foil
    103-1580...Solid air foil
    103-2510...Low lift
    103-0301...Mulching blade

    Silver Streak/Oregon:

    91-407....Solid air foil, replaces Exmark OEM 613250, blade listed on Exmarks site prior to Excalibur, but now say Xtended cutting edge. Maybe an Excalibur?

    91-264....Notched air foil, replaces Exmark OEM 633483, blade listed on Exmark site prior to Excalibur. Again, on Oregons site, it now says Xtended edge. Once again, maybe an Excalibur.

    91-378....Low lift, replaces old Exmark OE #613111, not advertised as Xtended.

    91-506....Replaces OE# 30227-60V. Not sure what this blade is. Picture shows it being a flat blade, but calls it a mulcher. Has Xtended cutting edge. Also is .250 thick as opposed to all others being .203

    This is just an incomplete list I have come up with so far. Obviously there are more, including the Gator blades. Plus all the other sizes :)

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