Lets do somthing about gas prices

Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by caz1, Apr 2, 2005.

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    Ok i see your guys thinking here Grass cuttin fool said the refinaries are maxed out but may be if we do this the companys can catch up causeing the price to come down after all isn't that the reason it son high as far as the veichels go you guys are rite to it seems like the bigger the better to the americian people I remember my little ford festiva love the car 45 mpg could park just about anyware sure it wasn;t cool but it was actullay kind of fun to drive I really think this will work what would it hurt to give it a try :waving:
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    Hey, we're lucky, we could be paying $6 a gallon like they do in Europe.
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    The last thing you want to do is stop buying gas. And the longer you don't buy it the higher the prices will go. Picture this:

    You are a big gas company that is used to making 100 dollars a year on 100 gallons of gas. Since you are incorporated you must answer to shareholders. Suddenly the public starts only buying the absolute minimum amount of fuel that they must have to live. It cuts your sales by 66 percent. The shareholders see their dividends drop by 66 percent and demand that you do something. What is your only choice if the public won't buy more gas? Raise the profit per gallon. Also remember that the Federal and state governments get a unfair portion of that money that you are charged at the pumps. If they see their revenues going down they will raise the tax to compensate.

    Also if we start using less gas they (the crude suppliers) will just start sending it to Asia where the demand is ever increasing. That would force a glut there lowering the Asian prices and force a shortage here increasing prices. We, as consumers, are literally powerless to do anything about the price of fuel.

    Get used to it, get over it.
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    No disrespect here but if we keep letting this prices go up we may be there in two to three years i know there saying 3.00 to 3.50 buy summer if this happens people are going have to cut back what do think will be cut first hmmm lets see my gas bill is 300.00 dollars a month i can recover that by doing my own lawn and not paying the lawn care company I NOT TRYING TO START A FIGHT BUT JUST TRYING TO GET MY POINT ACROSS
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    Something I don't understand.

    When gas prices go up, the economy suffers, and the stock market drops.
    When the market drops so does the value of the oil companies stock.

    So, they make increased proffits on the increased price of fuel, but they loose money on the value of their company.

    Am i making any sense? :dizzy:
  7. caz1

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  8. out4now

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    Bingo! This basic economic theory is what drives the world. The only way we stand a chance of getting prices down is to build more refineries and start driving more sensible vehicles. Not necessarilly talking hydrogen, just more common sense. I see yupies driving Caddy Escalades and whinning at the pump. News flash, you don't need a gas guzzler! If only the people who actually need a truck were buying them, it would reduce demand and relieve refinery pressures.
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    True, after the crude oil price spike in the 1979-1981 period, the nation responded by boosting average automobile mileage to over 20 gallons per mile. This was an important conservation measure, but it has been counteracted by the fact that there are now twice as many cars on the road.
    Also, what do the people want? Look at all the performance cars that are now available but not then. What did the people buy when prices went down, SUV's and larger sedans, faster cars?

    Maybe we are looking forward to another gas crunch?
    Maybe hybirds will become more popular and in 20 years Dodge's new HEMI will get 30mpg?
    Until then, we are cramped in a compact.
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    Think! Stop moving about for one weekend and------Food stores throw away all the fresh food. All the malls will have no one buying anything and a lot of stores will not survive. All transportation will stop as no one will get to the airport or train station. All resort places will lose big dollars.
    OK so we shut down our economy for two days. and that try to restart it on Monday.
    The cool thing would be that Bin Laden will provably send you a personal thank you note as you will have done what he has been trying for years.

    We already pay the least money for gas than any other country. and by comparison we pay less today than in the 70's.

    Work at a tighter route or a smaller truck or charging what is needed to stay in business next weekend but don't work at killing our economy

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