Let's get the FACEBOOK LIKES rolling

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by grasshopperslawn, Dec 30, 2012.

  1. tonygreek

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    What I take from this is that you're telling everyone that all of these bogus Likes help your site's rank in Google, correct? I'd be interested in your further explanation of this.

    1. I've never seen Likes of a Facebook Page have any bearing whatsoever on Google Rank (Shares and Likes of individual updates and links are quite different than generic Page Likes)
    2. I have dozens of sites that I manage that verify this, as well as an internet full of data.
    3. Rather than spending the time to Like the 200 businesses in this thread that, quite frankly, only dilute your branding message to your legitimate customers, if you would spend the equivalent time on optimizing your web sites or providing useful, shareable content on Facebook, your gains will be whatever the largest percentage gain you can think of is, which I believe is 16,560%
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  2. tonygreek

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    Interestingly enough, out of all of the businesses in this thread, SOD Uniforms is the only one who will actually benefit from this whole exercise. :)
  3. birddseedd

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    I am not sure the specifics of it. whether it is what pages are liked, or what content and comments are posted. but much of what google stores on its servers for use of finding the right content when searching comes from facebook. again it might be comments not likes, but googles web crawler does gather information from facebook to use in its searching algorithms
  4. tonygreek

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    No offense (And I truly mean that. It's a complicated topic.), but that's a circuitous non-answer that doesn't in any way support "because google does not care who likes you when it comes to your webpage stats pulled from facebook". You do have it half right with "Google does not care". The sum value of your gain was in creating the Facebook Page in the first place and pointing it to your web site. Beyond that, Google doesn't care if your Page has 1 Like or 200 because, well, if Joe Schmo thinks he can game Google with these bogus, inflated Likes, you can be sure Google knows it to (They do.). Google will care when you use your Facebook Page effectively, provide good content, and see the content subsequently get Shared or Liked. The problem is that all of these "bogus" Likes you've introduced to your own little marketing ecosystem are simply going to hamstring every future thing you try to do with your Facebook marketing.

    The only reason I continue to point out the poor strategy that is being extolled in this thread is because it's just bad business advice, misinformation, and a general lack of understanding, plain and simple. SOD Uniforms is the only one who will see a gain from this, so definitely help him out and Like his Page. On the other side of the coin, Joe's Long Island Mowtopia (a generic representation of every business on this thread that's not named SOD Uniforms) will only hurt their own marketing message. Basically, less "real, prospective customers" seeing your message means less "real, prospective customers" will be able to Like or Share your posts, which is where the real value is to your business and Google's algo.

    To point it out one last time (I swear.), Facebook only shows your status message to between 1% and 16% of the people who Like your page. Other LCOs, who Liked your Page due to this exercise, are now eating in to that 1% to 16% pool, insuring that instead of your promo message reaching all of your prospective customers in Seattle, WA, you've wasted it on Joe's Long Island Mowtopia. Quite honestly, a better strategy thread would be "Let's get the FACEBOOK LIKES undone....".

    I now return you to your regularly scheduled Liking and I'm going to go breathe in to a paper bag... :)
  5. soduniforms

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    Yes we have benefited. We have received a couple likes from this thread. We try to make it beneficial for you as well, by giving great exclusive deals via Facebook.
    I will be adding another promo code to facebook later today!
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    meh! facebook is dumb...
  7. birddseedd

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    As i said. you are probably right about likes having no effect. but facebook itself does. google's web crawler will read facebook and noticing things like "oasis lawn care sure did a great job on my new landscape and i had toast for breakfast this morning" and will link the world landscape with oasis. now when people in that area seach for landscape there is a better chance oasis will come up. thats one method google uses to try to predict what people are searching for.

    again. this is probably more of a status thing than a like thing. iv no idea waht likes do and why everyone wants you to like the kind of toast they had for breakfast. facebook is dumb.

    know what i did when i had facebook "i just pooped" "i can see my wifes boob"

    people yelled at me but i dont see how that is any different than ...
    "im goign on vacation next week"
    "packing up for my vaction"
    "about to go to vacation"
    "i'm on the plane"
    "havin fun on vactiaon"
    "on my way back home"
    "U)*()#$# who stole all my stuff while i was gone"

    ... facebook is dangerous for stupid people i tell ya what. that was a true story, im told.
  8. tonygreek

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    Oh, you have that view of Facebook. Yeah, Facebook marketing and advice is probably just not for you.
  9. birddseedd

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    what else is it for? when was the last time you looked up someone to hire on Facebook? for that matter when is the last time you even used a phone book!
  10. DLCS

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    Well that just plain sucks, I often wondered about this, because some "likers" don't see all my posts. Is there a way around that?

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