Let's get the facts straight: Differences between a Lazer HP and a regular Lazer

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Vibe Ray, Feb 15, 2001.

  1. Vibe Ray

    Vibe Ray LawnSite Senior Member
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    Let's get the facts straight! What are ALL the differences between a Lazer HP and a regular Lazer? I am talking about ALL the differences. And what are the pro's and con's of each of the differences? Why do I ask? Cuz I'm curious! Thanx in advance!!!

    Here are some of the differences that an exmark representative has told me in a e-mail, but even he said there are more:

    The biggest difference in design is that the HP is smaller.

    The full size uses what we would call a tubular rear frame, were as the HP is all formed steal rear frame.

    The pumps and engine are mounted horizontally an the full
    size, HP they are mounted vertically.

    Full size Lazer uses a serpentine belt for the pump drive, HP uses an A section pump drive belt.

    The big Lazer uses a mule drive system to run the deck, the small Lazer uses a single-plane drive belt.

    The big Lazer can cut from 1.5" to 5", the HP
    1.5" to 4.5".

    The full size Lazer has a total of 3 belts and the HP has 2.

    Plus the Lazer has bigger tires than the HP.

    Now what would you say the pro's and con's are of the differences aleady mentioned? And what other differences do you know of? :)
  2. Premo Services

    Premo Services LawnSite Bronze Member
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    If you have a full size lazer with ultra vac,you get a 3 bag setup on the back instead of two,would hold more leaves,etc, and don`t cost that much more. You listed some differences and cannot think of any more,but I have the 52 hp and am very happy with it. You will get people who getwhat I call "inch-itis"(say you should get the 60 inch instead of 52 or 48 inch cut)but if you purchase the machine that fits your needs,how could you go wrong?Seems like I remember a post about the full size and the horizontal belts but I couldn`t find it.
  3. jason2

    jason2 LawnSite Member
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    With the Ultra-Vac I believe the three bag setup is for the 60" and 72" machines. The full size 52" get's the 2 bag setup like the hp's. I have a full size 52 and really like the machine.
  4. lawman

    lawman LawnSite Member
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    It looks like what ever fits the job that you are working on is the best pice of equipment. A 52 inch can get into places that a 60 or 72 can not, but the 60 and 72 can cut much faster. Let the job pick your equipment.
  5. Vibe Ray

    Vibe Ray LawnSite Senior Member
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    I forgot to mention that the HP has twin8.5 gallon tanks and the full size has twin 11.0 gallon tanks.

    Come on guys! I know you know more than that! I am already getting a 44" Lazer HP 19 Kaw, so this does not influence my purchase. I just want to know the differences for future reference and future purchases. Thanx in advance!
  6. RB

    RB LawnSite Senior Member
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    Why aren't you getting a 48" with a little bigger engine?

    Just asking cause I'm thinking about the same thing (44"), but can think of any good reason not to buy a 48".

  7. accuratelawn

    accuratelawn LawnSite Senior Member
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    Don't waste your money on a 44. Too small. NO offset on the left side for trimming. Buy a 44 walk behind. If you are buying a ride, get at least a 52.
  8. Shack

    Shack LawnSite Member
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    I have a 44 ZTR (Toro). I think that it has its place with my 61 Scag and my 60 Lazer, besides it sure look pretty go going down the road pulling all 3 on the old gooseneck.
  9. Vibe Ray

    Vibe Ray LawnSite Senior Member
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    That is besides the point of this thread, guys. Let's try to stick to the topic......
  10. Old Guy

    Old Guy LawnSite Member
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    Seems like the "generalized" comment is easy to write. I too would like to know the value or shortcomings of the features mentioned when the question was posed. I have an HP and bought it because it was a little smaller but with no experience, I may have made a big mistake. Where are these guys who really know what's with the various mowers. There are a lot of guys here who swear by the Exmark. Where are you when we really need you?

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