Let's get those FACEBOOK LIKES ROLLING part 2

Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by grasshopperslawn, Sep 13, 2013.

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    I would hazard a guess and say that you've seen my work. I'm happy to help people on here with their sites/marketing, as that accounts for the vast majority of my posts, but I view it similar to people asking others for their estimate forms. We all have our own IP that we invest in and should protect.

    In terms of the LCO world, I have a very large footprint, and since I have no idea if you're a competitor or not (you indicate no location or web site, yourself), there's really no reason to give the final 1%. lol My attorney can confirm that I do keep him busy enough with cease and desists, which amuses me. I sweep for duplicate content of all my sites on a weekly basis. Two site designs, and their content, have been "repurposed" multiple times, lawnsiters included (I have a guess they weren't aware they were my sites). If you need advice or directional questions re: your site, feel free to pop in to the web sub forum. We try to help as much as we can in there.
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    does it cost anything for a business FB page?
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    I think the other important note missed by the blog post from businessgrow.com is the citations and link building that comes from social media. If you're in a tough market and trying to get to the top of search engine rankings, every little bit of link juice helps...

    To expand on what Tony said again, when trying to sell a "boring" service like mowing, sell benefits, not features.

    To give an example, no one cares that the grass is green, the lawn is striped, and is edged properly. Those things are already expected. They may really care about a story highlighting the time saved the family and how it allowed them to spend more quality time together on the weekends. The benefits is reduced work, more time w/ family, less hassle, etc. The features are quality cut, professional business, responsiveness, etc. Use people's emotions as an advantage to convert potential leads into paying customers. Sell benefits, not features.
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    100% free, Agape. Sponsored posts (their advertising vehicle) is where you will find fees. Just create a personal account and then create a Page and you're good to go.

    As a word of advice, the biggest error I see, time and again, and was found throughout the first "let's get the facebook likes rolling" thread was people not paying attention to the space used for the profile and banner pics. I'd guess 75% of them have wide logos that are completely cut off in the profile pic and serve zero purpose, other than demonstrating a lack of attention to detail.

    Facebook Page Image Size Guidelines
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    I'm new to reading your posts and am not in the LCO business at all but do have some LCOs as clients. So I don't have a dog in the hunt, but I don't understand why you're not willing to provide some sort of proof to those looking to build trust with you.

    Are you just not interested in gaining clients from your time on Lawnsite?Does it just come down to being afraid that folks will steal your web copy? I guess I don't understand what you'd have to lose... If your sites are ranking for organic searches (which I'm 100% sure they are based on everything I've read from you), don't you think people could just steal ideas that way?

    Just genuinely curious, not trying to start a fuss...
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    Well, maybe. I do realize it's just opinion. Unfortunately what's out there is mostly from proponents who seem to have a horse in the race so it's hard to find an objective view with hard facts to back up what you are saying and what I have always believed. That article was the only one that stood out.
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    Hey grasshopper lawns, thanks for posting. can you please explain to me how you went about getting your EDDM flyers designed and sent out?
    thanks so much would reallllyyyyy appreciate it.!
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    These are good questions, britsteroni, and I'm neither offended nor thinking you're raising a fuss as you raise valid questions. I'll do my best to address...

    There are 1,800 posts and years worth of help on here that I like to think builds legitimacy and trust (I wrote a post on here telling people that meta keywords are dead, and not to bother with them and avoid web devs who say you need them, appox 10 years ago). In terms of my background, I spent years working in consulting and project mgt for Arthur Andersen/Andersen Consulting/Accenture, Razorfish, NCR, AT&T, going back to the dot com boom, bust, and Enron. I've worked web projects for clients such as Mercedes Benz, Disney, Dodge's NASCAR team, Pets.com, Victoria's Secret, and too many startups to list, as well as a stretch in the LCO space. My background is, it's safe to say, "full stack".

    Amusingly enough, no. The moment I become a paid advertiser is the moment my advice can immediately be called in to question, regardless of validity. I have thought long and hard on this one, though, and maybe one day that will change. I've been working on a web marketing framework, geared towards LCOs, for quite some time. My goal is to bring down the TCO for the smaller guys because I see every day what areas they struggle with, and how they can get taken for a ride. My helping people on here is easy because I can regurgitate a web review in my sleep, but I also like to keep active with what needs people have so that I can refine my own ideas. If I get anything out of this, that's it. I keep my finger on the pulse, so to speak.

    I also respect Lawnsite's guidelines for self-promotion, to the extent that those who know me on here (and there are many, actually) will attest to the fact that I make people jump through hoops to contact me about a project they'd like done. And a PM is not a hoop. About the only way I work with lawnsiters is if they get referred by someone else who happens to be a member, or they present a very compelling reason re: a jam they've probably found themselves in. In fact, I think it probably frustrates people when I tell them that they need a referral through a non-lawnsite channel. On several occasions, when members have indicated I had a hand in their sites (an innocent thing and they're only trying to help with a referral, as they were satisfied) I have asked the mods here to remove those posts. I abhor the appearance, perceived or otherwise, of any conflict of interest.

    Not at all. And catching it is no effort as I run scheduled, weekly scrapes. That's a minor inconvenience that gets handled with either a phone call from myself and, if needed, a C&D sent to them. In most instances, the phone call handles it and, of those, almost every one is an LCO owner who says, "Man, I'm sorry. My web guy/nephew/son-in-law did it and I had no idea.".

    I don't really view it so much as theft until they steal pure design and content (leaving the company name throughout the content offends me for their poor effort more than anything else. lol). Other than that, for any web idea or strategy, there is exactly one new idea and a list of thousands who adopt and iterate. I've explained exactly how to dominate local rankings, it's just a matter of following through (which most don't even do 10% of). Looking at my sites will bring it no more or less in to focus than looking at lawndoctor.com (hint ;)), or any other company that is in the top 5 for your city.

    Now, to really wrap this up with a bow, the #1A reason I don't attach a name to my posts or work is that I have a recognizable name and responsibility in an entirely unrelated world. While you have all probably seen some of my web work over the years, more people know me via other media outlets, so I try not to cross-pollinate two, 180 degree different worlds. That will be changing soon as I've decided to go "on the record" in the web world because, in all honesty, years of pseudonym use is a pain and my media work is behind me. lol With all of that said, I freely give out my contact info to people that PM me. I just don't post it on here, for the same reason I don't recommend that most LCO's post their web links on here. The SEO power of this site cuts both ways.
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    Thanks for the thorough reply, "tony." I'll be sending some follow up via PM.

    To OP and others, sorry for getting this thread off topic. Now back to those Facebook Likes :)
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    Competition? In what building websites? No not for me. I do not know nearly enough to build any website. But I don't input my website for possibly the same reason as yours...anonymity. I understand your reason though.

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