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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by promower, Mar 31, 2003.

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    So many posts about scrubs!! I think many of these other companies are not out to try and bring this industry down but instead are just uneducated about the whole idea of running a business and being profitable. This is my second season, last season I was very part time this season I have full time work lined up, much thanks and help from this forum. These so called scrubs are just trying to make money and feel that there best chance is by having the lowest price. I was probably a scrub to because when I first started my big idea was just to have the lowest prices. Not really thinking about it I would work twice as hard as the copetietor and make the as he did for the week. I was lucky to find this site and would recomend it to anyone starting out. So the next time someone gets a flier or doorhanger instead of venting on this forum just call him up and tell about the forum. You will be educating this new "scrub" on what charge, questions he/she may have. It will only better the industry and bring the cost of lawn care up in your neighborhood. I have even thought about trying to start a local group where I could get together with people in my area to talk about the industry, how we all can improve, and just help each other out. Theres lots of grass out there Im not worried about finding new accounts Im just worried at how low the cost of lawn care will get.
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    Concentrate on your business. Worry about handling your customers properly. Concentrate on growing your business. You will be much happier, have a better business, and much less stressed.

    This isn't to the thread starter, this post if for everyone that has been "scrub this, scrub that" lately.
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    cant you use scrubs for fishing bait......

    or wait thats grubs!

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