Let's see some trailer setups.

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    Brad, I love your trailer, very clean set-up. Let me ask not just you a question, but everyone who owns a stander......I have been a long time Z user, and now I am back to using walk behinds as part of my own business. Standers look cool and I am sure they mow great and are great for tight spots, but wouldn't you rather sit all day than stand? I am going to have to buy a new mower next year, and alot of people up here are moving to standers. The old company I worked for had one walk behind and 5 ferris Z's.....all with dump baggers. They worked great for clean-up season cause we could vac everything up and dump it curbside to vac up with the loader......
    I guess im rambling now, just wondering if a stander is right for me
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    I have so many accounts that require/want me to bag, so my ztr gets used the most since it has the nice bagging system on it. I have a side bagger for my stander which works well but when there is just no substitute for a nice powerflow bagger.

    Whether a stander is right for you is up to you. Personally, I find that standing is quite comfortable even when using it all day. Getting on and off to move debris is extremely quick. Now if you mow large lots (1/2 acre and larger) you will probably want to get a ztr, for most residential lots a stander works awesomely. After I demoed my first stander 2 years ago, I fell in love with the stander concept. But I still needed a ztr for bagging and leaf season. I would highly suggest getting a demo of a stander to see for yourself.

    Blowers and trimmers go in the back of the truck for now. One day I'll get racks and put them on the trailer, but for now the back of the truck works perfectly.

    The trailer does have a 54" side gate on the curb side in the front, so unloading leaves/ grass is quite easy. For most of the mowing season, I just have a tarp on the floor of the trailer and empty my mower a few times a day on to the tarp, then at the end of the day I can just drag the tarp right off the trailer and be done with it. But in the fall when I have a trailer full of leaves, I drop all the gates and start blowing with the leaf blower. The longest I have ever taken to unload a full trailer of leaves was about 30 minutes (by myself).
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    Brad has pretty much hit all the points very well on this subject. I only run standers, a 52" Everride Scorpion and a 34" Everride Scorpion FX. I demoed a 52" Lazer HP before I bought the 52" Scorpion, I could hardly use it on most of my residential lawns because it was bulky. The 52" Scorpion can be used on every single lawn that I mow if necessary.
    When I first brought home the Scorpion to demo, my dad just looked at it and said, "with my back back, no way we're buying that." I threw him on it and let him cut for half a day with it, and his back and legs felt great. We upgraded from a Dixon with the most expensive suspension seat we could buy for it, and he loved the Scorpion 100x more. Easy to handle, control, load on a trailer, work on, etc.
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    That is some impressive lettering you have there. Good work.
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    Pics are not the best but you can kind of see what I have. Trimmers are on a rack to the left of the pics. Finally bought the enclosed this spring, wish i would have years ago! absolutely love not having to load and unload not to mention having all the tools i need with me at all times.
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    Plantscape, you definitely have one of the most organized setups I've seen on here. The graphics look sharp as well.
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    That's freakin' hilarious!!! :laugh::laugh::laugh:
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