Let's see some trailer setups.

Discussion in 'Original Pictures Forum' started by exmarkguy123, Jun 18, 2011.


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    Good from far, But far from good.
  2. punt66

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    The plywood on the inside of my enclosed is BLACK.
  3. RJR7110

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    Yea I know man. If a car is getting the job done and he has his business set up the right way, then I don't see the problem.
  4. RayLJ1104

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    I have a truck, but the 302 loves gas. With my flatbed loaded I get around 10-13 MPG, with my little Dodge Neon I get 25 MPG. On a normal day of work that is around a $30 savings...who doesn't want to save 30 dollars a day...That is why I run the Neon, not the Flatbed
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    If you have trouble covering your everyday business expenses, maybe you should reconsider your business strategy.

    That's why I'm not self employed anymore.
  6. j-ville native

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    Your actually loosing money using that car...

    You'll have a hard time getting new accounts driving that car around. It looks very unprofessional. It looks like somebody who just decided to start a lawn business yesterday and will give up on day 3. Even if you get new accounts with that car, you won't make nearly as much as the guy with a truck because the only reason anyone would hire someone with a car is because he doesn't charge as much as the guy with the truck.

    Also, that car isn't meant to tow anything. You could be doing some damage to the transmission. I think it may get 25-30 mpg without a trailer but with a trailer I don't think you could get the 25 mpg you say you can get.
  7. RayLJ1104

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  8. XLS

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    i agree but also understand why he wants the fuel economy if all of our truck got 8-10 mpg it would break us in comparison our rangers loaded get 25 mpg and it takes less then 50.00 a day to run out the jobs they do .where as our old trailer crews cost 150 a day ........ If you consider whith the load your car is pulling a nissan truck would get the same as the car and look more professional ...... but it will not be a family car like you have in the pic .
    we use a few cars for jobs and things as well and 40 mpg is a great thing if you know what i am saying.
  9. nick2765

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    does anyone have home made trimmer racks for there enclosed trailer. Would like fab some up for the new trailer im getting if its even possible.:cool2:
  10. XLS

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    nick i am not picking but its simple to make basic racks
    3`of 1.25``square tube x #2main tubes

    6"of1.25"square tube x #2wall spacers

    and then 1.25x1/8"x4"long flat stock to formthe hangers
    then use 1/4" stock to fab the wall mounts
    in 2 hours a simple rack is done
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