lets see your custom truck/trailer improovements

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by exmarkguy, Jul 14, 2011.

  1. exmarkguy

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    Hey everyone, starting my first thread here, searched but didn't see anything about this so i figured id give it a shot. I first wanna say I've been cruising the forums for a few months now and have been learning a lot. I'm 19 yrs old and striving to own my own company.:usflag:

    i wanna see everyone's custom made tool boxes and things that they have made to help them do their work more efficiently.

    Here's mine for an example. i just bought this truck, its a 92 F250, 5.8 gas, 4wd, manual trans :weightlifter:. first pic is how i bought it, and the second is after i blacked out the wheels and the third is the wood sides i made.

    Tomorrow I'm planning on making a shelf type thing close to the cab that is held up by the sides i made already..ill post a pic after I'm done tomorrow.


    painted rims.jpg

    f250 3.JPG
  2. Richard Martin

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    Here's my custom made flashing parking light for when I'm parked on the side of a busy road.


    The rest of the trailer features:

    Emergency breakaway battery is charged by the truck
    It has trimmer, blower and water jug racks by Trimmer Trap
    Home made gate assist
    LED lighting all around including a third break light built into the clearance light bar
    Goodyear Marathon 235/75R15 radial trailer tires

    Here's my truck:


    I've done so much to it I can't remember it all...

    1995 F150 with a 4R70W auto tranny and 5.0 (reverse rotation)
    K&N air filter
    140,000 miles
    vacuum gauge
    RoadMaster rear springs
    3.55 Traction Lock rearend (Ford's version of Positraction)
    Crager 15X8 Soft 8 wheels
    Goodyear tires
  3. Richard Martin

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    BTW, I notice you put the weightlifter after your manual trans listing. The automatic tranny can tow more than the manual tranny.
  4. ALC-GregH

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    If that's the case, why do tractor trailers have manuals?
  5. BaxtersEssentialLawnCare

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    Gotta chime in here, Greg man seems like ur looking for a fight. On this and other threads. He is refering to those two transmissions, not everyone ever made. If your question was honestly b/c u missed that its cool sorry but other wise geez man chill out.
  6. exmarkguy

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    from PA
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    i just put the weight lifter bar there to complete the whole sentence. Just because its an f-250 lol. I'm a mechanic, so i know my way around trucks, but i don't know much about my specific truck like problems they had ect.

    btw nice wheel and tire choice, your truck looks nice.

  7. TNGrassCutter

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    Richard do you have a close up pic of your flashing light? I need to do something like that.
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  8. Aaronnc

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    In most 1/2 ton trucks, the trannys and clutches in a manual gearbox are too weak to pull a significant load. And by significant, I say around 8000 pounds or more. And before you guys start screaming, yes, your trucks are probably rated much higher (6 tons in some instances) but those ratings are designed under optimal conditions and even then, not designed for daily duty. Plus most (not all) but most do not know how to properly tow with a manual transmission, and burn the clutches up left and right. For a 1/2 ton truck, just best to stay with an automatic and the slightly beefier gearbox. (Better yet, swap out the rear axle and springs and turn it into a 3/4 ton truck!;))

    That being said, 3/4 ton and 1 ton trucks (and big rigs) are a completely different story. Their trannys and clutches (Allison anyone?) are very heavy duty and are designed to take the abuse. I've always joked around and said my dream truck would be a Ford F250 4X4, manual gearbox with a Cummins engine and Allison tranny. (Like that will ever happen!)

    But yeah, 1/2 tons stick with automatic, anything else manual. You can read for days on it if you google it.
  9. outlaw1960

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    The tractor trailers have anywhere from an 8spd to an 18spd transmission, the clutches wiegh in at 45 plus pounds, not including pressure plates or flywheel. They are designed to handle 900 ft lbs of torque for the small, class 5&6 trucks to over 2200 ft lbs of torque for the class 8's.
    The automatics in the 1/2 ton truckes are stronger than the manual transmissions because the manuals are designed more for smooth take offs and easy pedal feel, not towing heavy loads on a consistant basis.
  10. cuttin-to-the-Max

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    We added a custom shelf to the front that holds 3 trimmers 2 backpack blowers and a tool box. They we also added skidsteer ramps to the gate. Which made the gate a little heavy so we made a trailer gate assist system also. NICE TRAILER!


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