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Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by NateV, Feb 6, 2009.

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    I've managed to keep steady this past winter - basically between two farms. I'm doing the entire site work at a horse farm, which was a bare 50 acre chunk of land, so lots to be done there. And I've been workign at a dairy farm, tearing out concrete and stalls and opening it up to create a large open pen. How about you?
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    Haha, go Ford!! I dont know why anyone buys anything but Ford, they know they're gonna end up with one down the road, why not just admit your mistake, and go buy a Ford. Hands down the best work truck on the market.:drinkup:
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    Yep. They cant be beat. Dodge is getting better but they still cant beat a real man's truck, FORD!:laugh:
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    i was watching axemen on the history channel website and noticed that the trucks seem to be about 2/3 dodge, 1/3 ford, and I don't think i've seen a single chevy .. anyone else notice this?
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    Sometimes a company that produces shows like Axemen is sponsored by Dodge, there was another show that had people from ordinary jobs do "tough" jobs and that show was sponsored by Dodge, every episode had new Dodge Rams carrying the crew's tools and gear around, and when they shot an episode in the woods, there was a Dodge truck lined up just right for a few "commercial" shots that would capture the eye.

    Same thing with American A$$hole errrr... excuse me, American Idol, the first few seasons, Coke was a sponsor, Simon and the other bitches always had their Coke glass pointing just the right way to the cameras.
    How else do you think they make their money?
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    Funny you should say that. We tried Ford trucks where I work and the number of back injuries rose dramatically, the trucks were always broke down and we went back to buying Chevs, which aren't perfect by any means, but we have around 1000 or them, and they keep us moving. We tried Dodge as well, but they got scrapped after 6 months since they were in such bad shape.
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    Back injuries?? That says nothing about the quality of the truck. Yes, the ride is stiffer than chevys, but thats why they say chevys are for the wife!
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    Yeah I know about corporate sponsorship but these are mostly old ones... and I doubt that show is sponsored by dodge
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    God created s#it. Ford put it on Wheels..

    chevy is where its at boys! :drinkup:

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