Lets see your daily drivers...

Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by NateV, Feb 6, 2009.

  1. Dirtman2007

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    Words spoken from a kid who owns a busted ass dodge:laugh::laugh::laugh:
  2. Junior M

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    First off, how many kids my age today payed for there own truck? Not many!

    Second, if you were looking for a cheap small truck and that came around as cheap as it was, you woulda bought it to.
  3. alco

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    If you read the next line it says something about the quality of the truck. When a frame breaks in half after less than 10,000 km, or when a rear end literally falls out of the truck.....read the whole axle laying about 20 feet behind it.......after less than 8,000 km, that speaks volumes about the quality. We still have a few Fords on rental, and they are averaging around 40% availability.....now that's a high quality machine right there.
  4. Cables Lawn Care

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    here is mine before it was lettered

    Picture 032.jpg
  5. ksss

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    I like it Jr. May have to steal that one.:weightlifter:
  6. flairland

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    I think a lot of young guys could pay, what, 1500?, for a truck. And, what do you really have against Fords anyway? Have you ever even driven one? If god made sh*t, he sure made some good sh*t!
  7. stuvecorp

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    My first truck was fully Ryan funded and JR - no I would have passed on it as it is a Dodge.:nono:

  8. ksss

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    I personally don't have anything against nonGM products, I just chose not to own one. Until recently GM has never given me a reason to. Now that they are not in the 4500-5500 market I will need to look at something else when it comes time to replace my 5500. I am not sure what I will replace it with. It will be some time down the road before that is necessary. I would like to consider an IH 4400 4X4. We will see when the time comes.

    I believe the Duramax/Allision combo to be the best combination put in a light and med. duty truck. You can argue whether the IFS is a good idea, I don't have a problem with it. Its a hard pulling, comfortable, dependable pickup. I have had 5 of them and I have nothing but praise for them.
  9. AEL

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    I got an 03 F250 fx4, crew cab , lariatt with a lift and tons of goodies, and it has been an awesome truck... when it runs! It has about 70k miles on it , and i have put about 14k in repairs into the thing since may. I truly believe i do have a lemon, cause all my friends with fords are problem free (for the most part). My next ford will have a 6.4 or an older 7.3, 6.0 sucks. And to be honest the new style gmc/chev hd look pretty sweet, and ive herd lots of positive about the duramax.
  10. corbster

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