Lets see your website, business cards or truck graphics!

Discussion in 'Digital Marketing' started by outdoorlawnscapes1, Jun 15, 2013.

  1. lego

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    ^- real nice site
  2. GreenUtah

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    Looks pretty attractive and good to see companies venturing outside of all green sites..lol..one thing though, that first image, "Smell the Grass"..the image is more clover than grass. You might be better served with a different photo there. Plus the small white text on all the images in the slideshow are a hard read, just not enough contrast for their size...always a challenge with small text on a photo. you might consider a color box under them, even if it's partly or mostly transparent, to boost that message.
  3. mikesturf

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    Check the spelling of FREE QUOTE (QOUTE).

    Also you have some words capitalized where they shouldn't.

    Otherwise nice site.
  4. WesPhifer

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    Just got done with my truck.

    20130613_135109 (Medium).jpg
  5. Midnight Rider

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  6. TML

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    I did it myself on Godaddy. I'm solo trying to gain customers and do not have lots of funds for advertising. I got my truck professionally lettered with a very simple/basic design. I did the website to make an easy reference tool for me or current customers making a referral, also hopefully people will directed to it as they pass by my parked truck while Im working (ie neighbor of customer, person walking by in development ect). I don't expect to get many random people doing a search and coming across it as there are many LCO in my area with bigger sites ect.
  7. Rick13

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    This winter I will be changing My website....but locally it works very well for me when it comes to aeration and organic compost spreading....I'm usually on the 1st page of Google (without paying for adwords).

    Yes, it's a Wix site...but it's serving it's purpose right now!!!! :)
  8. lego

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    I saw a truck whose back window said 'WILL MOW FOR $30'
    Nothing else. Not even a phone number. I wonder how much business he gets. It was in the VA beach area.
  9. absoluteservices

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    absolute_snowremoval-1.jpg our snow plow card, wee will be doing a standard landscaping card before the spring. Web site in the works and trucks are getting lettered as we speak.


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