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Let's see your work shirts if you wear them


LawnSite Bronze Member
Green/black/white windbreaker with white lettering..

transfer 134.jpg


LawnSite Bronze Member
Polo Golf Shirt (ash gray with forest green and white accents)..

transfer 135.jpg


LawnSite Bronze Member
Navy Blue shirt with white lettering..

transfer 136.jpg
Any of you guys tried the iron on kits from office max, wal mart, etc.

Just wondering if that might be a viable solution for cheap work shirts

T Edwards

LawnSite Member
Columbia, SC
"Any of you guys tried the iron on kits from office max, wal mart, etc.

Just wondering if that might be a viable solution for cheap work shirts"

Yeah...that would look professional. C'mon.
I'm sorry Mr. Edwards if my question wasn't up to par with your obvious level of expertise in this subject. Not all of us are the multi-million dollar a year operations. Some, like me, are just tryig to feed the family and keep the house.

Do you notice how the post under yours sates an opinion without the sarcasm? People log onto this board for help and advice, not for sarcasm and smart a**es.

the whole reason I even mentioned it was because it was a suggestion I received on this board and I wanted more input.

This is just another fine example of why so many people post on other boards.


LawnSite Senior Member
Hey Grassblaster,
You can get some shirts made real cheap, as I had made. I paid about $8 a shirt for two colors on front and back, which is cheaper than a t-shirt at any local store.
Ebay has some good vendors with stores set up that compete for you business, and can get a good deal there to get some shirts.
Well worth the small $50 I made in my opinion to look a lot more professional this year.
I would stay away from the iron on stuff too, especially with how cheap you can get them made.
Good luck.

P&C Lawn Care

LawnSite Senior Member
Yukon Oklahoma
I buy Pluma T-Shirt's from Sam's Club for about $4, they are cotton and come in a bunch of different colors (orange, yellow, dk blue, lgt blue, and 2 shades of green) and have the embrodery done for about $10 a shirt. They seem to be really well made T-Shirts.


LawnSite Bronze Member
$6 a shirt including the embroidery.. Gildan Heavyweight Ultra Blend t-shirts..

Probably about what you'll spend on iron-on stuff.. but these last for a long time!