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Let's see your work shirts if you wear them


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Thanks Lux,

I can say I'm proud of them, I did a job for the people who own a T-Shirts Plus here so we made a little deal. They paid for the shirts and cut me a check for the rest they owed me worked out well. I found a Cinch Jeans hat that looks like a green and yellow John Deere hat, bought 2, one for me and one for my employee the hat and shirt looks good together.


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Morgantown, WV
Originally posted by P&C Lawn Care
I buy Pluma T-Shirt's from Sam's Club for about $4, they are cotton and come in a bunch of different colors (orange, yellow, dk blue, lgt blue, and 2 shades of green) and have the embrodery done for about $10 a shirt. They seem to be really well made T-Shirts.
Same place we buy all our t shirts as well. Our sign printer prints our shirts for us for $ 4.50 each, less than 9.00 a shirt..We get new ones each year, and use the old ones for shop rags and mower washers!


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Nice shirts and logos guys.

Wells you are just to good :) Very good editing going on there. Seriously, that's just brilliant!

TXLAWNBOY I like your name... Integrity is great :) Shirts are great too.

They all look very nice