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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by KirbysLawn, Feb 19, 2001.

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    Another great survey. I wonder how many ppl think of themselves as "lawnboys" or "low on the totem pole" as Stone mentioned in a post on the lawn forum. Other surveys might be about encouraging youngsters to persue this business at age 15 as some of our members are doing. Other survey questions might be about ppl who have employees and who pays under/above table. I like the advertisment questionaire idea, but i would put a scale of sucess with it so we can get an idea of what type of advertisement works out there. Penny papers vs yellow pages vs web page, etc. Job satisfaction surveys, full time vs part time members, survey on who pees in the bushes (JK), how many started with nothing and worked up vs getting a business loan or something, palm pilots vs day calanders and that type of stuff, married vs single, age of members as a whole. I know many ppl have talked about this on the forums, but reading 47 replys that all have 2 cents worth to go along gets confusing and i cant remember. That is my 4 cents worth since you asked for more input on other forum ideas Kirby.

    This should bump it to the top again i believe.

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