Lets talk about Revolver and first treatment pricing...

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by andyslawncare, Mar 16, 2012.

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    Guys, I'm paying $300 for a quart of revolver and its gone in no time. I see several companies in the area not doing anything about the bluegrass, but I've been treating all of our new contracted accounts... The price tag is adding up, as some applications of revolver cost more in material than the average application pays. At the .5 oz per gallon rate, 4 gallon back pack spot sprayed; this application is costing us $18.75 per 4 gallons applied, not to mention that experimenting has shown that broadleaf and liquid peremergence should be a separate application than the revolver app. How do you guys handle the extra material and labor cost? Charge twice for the first application? My skid sprayer is currently applying 3 pints per acre of speed zone southern, 1.25 lbs per acre Stonewall, and sticker. This mixture costs around $50 per acre in material. Some of these new accounts are killing me, just looking for advice from more seasoned people...

    All accounts that were contracted by October received a split application of Dimension in the fall, and don't have problems; just the new properties.
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    Gly in the winter.
    Celcius in the heat.

    I don't use Revolver anymore. Don't need it.
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    Celsius kills almost everything that the Revolver does. You only need Revolver for goosegrass or contamination by centipede grass if that is not the desired species.
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    To add, bluegrass is also killed or severely injured by atrazine or simazine. Image(imazaquin) is also very effective and has the added benefit of killing most sedges.
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    You need to tell the new accounts that because they did'nt recieve a fall pre emergent you can't do anything about the poa, it'll be gone with the heat soon enough, and let them know that next year they will not have an issue with it.

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