Let's talk diesel.

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by Chris_NC06, Apr 13, 2013.

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    Maybe the fuel shouldnt be cheaper, but you used to buy a diesel for power, longevity, and mileage... Now you buy a diesel for power and expect to nearly replace the motor before you hit the 100k mark on the odometer.
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    either he has something seriously wrong with the 6.7 or he has a6.4. i have a couple 7.3s and they dont get as good of mileage as the 6.7. go on dieselstop the new 6.7 is proving to be a good engine with great mpgs, better than all previous trucks even the 7.3 mileage wise.. and i love my 7.3s
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    The Jeep Grand Cherokee is going to have the same 3.0L VM Turbo Diesel that they are going to put in the 1500 Ram. I have my order in at the Jeep dealer to key into the system as soon as the order banks open for it in a couple of weeks.

    The Jeep is rated to tow 7200lbs (7400 if you buy a 2wd Jeep...but who would) - same as the Hemi - and is supposed to run with the Hemi...while getting 29mpg highway.
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    I can't wait to see the numbers on the diesel Ram 1500. I'd get a Cummins if i had to have a new heavy duty diesel. The ford 6.7 seems to be great with a chance of HPFP failure and getting stiffed on the warranty. $10,000+ to fix. The duramax has the same pump but GM seems better about warranty replacement.

    I love diesels as much as anybody else, but the price of fuel, engine premium, and the decline in durability makes me second guess them. If you get one, look into extended warranty coverage, keep every fuel receipt.
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    I've been a diesel tech for over a decade now, and the best running machine I ever had the joy of driving was a '97 Ram with the 12V Cummins. (noted, those were notorious for cooking the trans, but a quick fix with a drill bit and you're set.) My point is over the last 10 years, the industry has killed what used to be a good thing. I was getting 27-30mpg's in a lifted 3/4 ton truck with a long bed. You just aren't going to find that anymore with all the stuff they put on these new trucks. Between the DPF's, EGR's, and computer systems, you are choking your diesel to death. So, as a commuter, you want something new and shiny...but as for me, the older, the better. (I did a side job and dropped a GM 6.2 diesel out of a wood chipper into a buddy's truck, he's getting 32mpg's and after 4 years, never a tick out of that engine.)
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    I agree. My buddy has an ole K10 with the 6.2L and he gets great gas mileage.
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    These were my favorites back in my early military days. The pickups and blazers got great mileage and never broke down. Wouldn't win any races, but hey that ain't what you get a oiler for anyways.
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    I have a '90 3500 with the 6.2 and it gets impressive fuel economy. The odometer stopped at 126k so I can't check actual mileage, but I know it's surprisingly good. I just need to have some tranny work done, it shifts late and it seems like I'm missing my overdrive. I can cruise down the road about 55, but any more than that and she's wound out.
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    Had a 2011 dodge dually 4x4 with the 6.7. It would not break 11 mpg with a light foot unloaded. iIt was stock and under warranty and did not want to remove DPF or anything else. It tow anything but it was way too nice to work out of and the milage should have been a lot better. Rode smoother than my ford f250 .
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