Let's talk diesel.

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by Chris_NC06, Apr 13, 2013.

  1. Four_Seasons

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    If your doing any type of heavy duty work, especially in this industry, I say you need diesel. I would rather have enough power when I need it that not enough and have to go out and rent a truck for $235 a day...

    Plus today's diesels get 20+ MPG | I vote Powerstroke = 400HP/800TQ
  2. precision8m

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    I agree. Today's diesels cost too much for what they offer. They look awesome and have great extra features, but some of the older diesels have proven worthy for over 10 years so why not buy them. I'm getting great mileage on my 24 valve and i can do all the repair stuff myself.
  3. kawakx125

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    it's the DPF and EGR systems that are killing it. i got rid of mine and get 18-20 unloaded
  4. action1

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    That's pretty good. What did it cost to remove those or did you do it yourself? When I got the truck another owner told me it cost him $8000 to remove all the stuff. He also stated the same milage you reported after removal. If it costs that much, it would take way too long to recoup the cost using fuel savings.
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  5. kawakx125

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    It only cost me around 600 bucks for full turbo back exhaust, and egr/cooler delete kit. I didn't use a tuner, i just used EGT simulators to fool the computer into thinking the dpf is still present. i have a constant CEL but it runs just fine. its an 08 cummins, not sure what it costs to delete some of the other trucks. you can do it for under 100 bucks if all you do is have the dpf/nox filter replaced with 4'' pipe and unplug the EGR.

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