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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by Green Dreams, Oct 28, 2004.

  1. Green Dreams

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    Isn't This Fun, Kids....?

    Disease Controls In A Hort Program

    My service will provide 7 applications throughout the year here in SE Texas. There will be 5 blanket cover sprays and 2 ferts on rounds 2 n 7 with spot treating. I was thinking...

    Round 1 (Jan) Hort Oil and Bayleton

    Round 2 (Late Feb- March) Talstar and Banner (spot)

    Round 3 (April) Talstar and Bayleton

    Round 4 (Late May to June) Orthene and Eagle

    Round 5 (July- Mid Aug) Tempo and Banner

    Round 6 (Aug - Sept) Talstar and Bayleton

    Round 7 (Oct - Nov) Tempo and Banner (spot)

    I was thinking of mixing in Merit in my first round with the oil. Or using it on round 3.

    I'd appreciate y'all's input. Even Ric asking how I made it this far...lol.

  2. ProMo

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    sounds like a lot of poison the beneficial insects probably wont stand a chance
  3. Green Dreams

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    If you cussamah's crepes are covered in aphids you... let the 3 assassin bugs clean them up? Or just let the 4 Ladybugs have them? If you have the organic no pesticide way of keeping up with customer expectations, please enlighten me. That's why I cruise this site...

  4. Green Dreams

    Green Dreams LawnSite Senior Member
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    I'd like to hear what others use. I use the banner and Bayleton as they are easy to mix up smaller amounts. That Eagle clogs my screen and is a pain...
  5. trying 2b organic

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    Green is that a program for trees, ornamentals or lawn. I would like some more general info. I dont say this to critisize but to get your opinion, blanket apps and even sheduled apps arent really part of IPM right? Should i just assume an -if required-. With that many apps you may make less profit because you cant charge as much. The total number givin trip numbers would be to high. With less trips you can make more money per app. What is this program for?
  6. Green Dreams

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    its for shrubs. And feel free to criticize...thats how I be enlightened. My philosophy is that if I am responsible for your lawn and landscape, I need to come out in a timely manner...

  7. TSM

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    I have found that using my wifes twezzers to hand plug them off is very friendly to the environment...a bit time consuming though...which of course leaves me with less time to hug my trees :rolleyes:
  8. vegomatic40

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    With the extended growing season and disease pressure (no lack of hot, humid weather in Houston) it looks like a sound enough program. Assuming that you will be injecting fert., I would consider adding the Merit to your fert app(s). That way you might be able to back down on some of the insecticide apps. I like the idea of rotating products to help prevent pest resistance. The Orthene is great for a quick knockdown of insects but you might start round 3 with something like Tempo and go to the Orthene if the bugs are going psycho. Being a Cholinesterase inhibitor, Orthene can be a nasty to deal with and the smell is like no other, especially if you get rained out on a day scheduled for spray and the tank starts getting a little "ripe". The residual on Tempo, Merit are great and Talstar has outstanding broad spectrum control so beneficials might have a tough time.
  9. Green Dreams

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    Thanks Veg...any other fungicides y'all like to use. I am looking for those that I can easily mix up smaller amounts (like 20 or 25 gals) as needed.

    I like Tempo. I think Talstar helps aphids multiply quicker..lol
  10. activelandscaping

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    While hand picking bug's off plant's is believeable, your wife loaning you her tweezers to do it is not. :p :p :p
    BTW, if you see a Scotts Pine that need's a hug, just say no.


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