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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by shovelracer, Jan 24, 2008.

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    OK so Im looking to trademark to protect my self from another company with the same name, but not the proper credentials. They are not in my area but are in the state. I dont intend to do business out of state. I have researched trademarks some, but havent really got the answers I seek. I would like to protect the name and logo. I gather the name is a servicemark and the logo is a trademark. If I stay in state does the federal TM do anything for me. Also what does the state TM do for me that the federal doesnt. Basically I want to protect what we have and possible force the other guy to change. Lets here what everyone has to say.
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    In NJ your business name is protected in county only, my company name is perennial gardens and there are like 3 others in NJ. I'm sure you could trademark your name and logo together, but hell if I know how. I'm sure you could google it and get it done, doubt you will have any luck making the other guy change his name though.
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    call your local SBA office. When I lived in Monmouth CTY. The guy at Brookdale was very helpful. A jerk, but helpful.
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