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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by WoodBrothersLC, Mar 27, 2009.

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    From my time here on Lawnsite, I have learned a lot, seen my business grow, and seen other businesses grow through the pictures that are posted. It has been a great place to get ideas, share input, and debate some hot topics and as of lately, one of these consistently hot topics has gotten on my nerves.

    Bashing on the little man and the kids out there busting their tails has really gotten out of control. I get on here every day and look through the forums and look at pictures. When I see kids posting pictures of their push mowers and tractors and how proud they are of their business (and yes it is a business), it brings me back to where I started and I'm sure it does the same for 99.9% of the people on this site. I'm 21 now and have been running my business for almost 8 years now and yes, I'm calling it a business even before I was 18 because even though I wasn't registered I paid taxes starting at 16, but what really gets me is the guys who call themselves men and continue to bash these hardworking 14 year olds. These guys can't drive, so they pull a small trailer behind their tractor or push their equipment and because of this people make them the subject of criticism.

    I have total respect for the kid who is not playing video games, eating chips, and listening to rap music and instead is getting out there and sweating and earning some money. If you consider yourself a professional and a business owner, you know that you have to start somewhere. Why do people feel the need to bully these guys. Honestly, where I live, the nieghborhood kid that is out there working hard is not stealing any of the clients from me that were not on the fence to begin with. I lost 2 clients to these types of operations last year and at first I was upset, but then I sat back and said, "I did the exact same thing!" and now I wave to those guys when I see them mowing my old yards. I hope that the guys who are criticizing would not be upset if their kids took their old walk behinds or push mowers and started mowing in the neighborhood.

    I hope that this is something that a lot of others agree with, and I also hope that it is something that makes others reflect on what they have said. Unfortunately, a lot of the guys complaining are more than likely taking out their anger from other places or business frustrations on them which is pretty sad...these guys need to do a little soul searching and fuel their anger in other places.

    Thanks for listening and I hope this makes an impact on some people...but I also expect some pretty nasty reponses as well.

    Mark Wood
  2. Duffster

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    Well said:drinkup:
  3. GracesLandscaping

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    I think its a little bit of jealousy involved because they might ahve lost a customer to a similar situation. one thing i really thought to be stupid was someone said something about worked a dayjob full time mowed part time and asked a ? and some jack@$$ said stop mowing and leave that for us professionals. Im not positive about this BUT i dont think ANYONE ever just up and said "im gonna start a lawn care business and be full time starting day 1" im sure everyone has done it part time at some point.
  4. TuffWork

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    amen, couldn't have said it better myself. Walked to my yards my first 4 yrs of mowing, and dealt with alot of cheapass customers that I would never tolerate now. If someone else wants the $15 yards now, they can have them.
  5. topsites

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    And maybe I am wrong, but when I see families where their children don't even
    finish high school that is where my frustration stems from, the fact that they
    want to go out and work at such an early age doesn't really help.

    Although I do agree that we shouldn't bash, it's got to the point, why should I help when it
    makes me feel like I'm only encouraging the entire thing, and so I stay out of it best I can.

    Some folks may not see things this way, I accept that, but I do not want to support it.
    Hence that is my dilemma, just what I see a lot of it as, in some of our circles we might call it wasted opportunity.

    Which, I try to remember, if I have nothing useful to contribute, stay out of it.
    As I do realize there's not a whole lot doing, and things won't change on account
    of what I say nor would I want them to, and that's fine, it's all good.

    Peace out
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  6. WHIPPLE5.7

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    Nobody forced some of these outfits to end up with $100K in overhead either. Thats their own problem if they go out of business just because they are making $10K per week. All of the you are considered a scrub/lowballer/loser if you don't have 5 new Walkers and 2 new deisel crewcab truck with leather and sun roof. If you can go out and make some money, pay your bills and taxes, and still live compfortable why not? I priced myself out of the game last year because I had read so many threads about how you need to make X amount per hour or you fail. Its all BS. Price accordingly(somewhere in the middle)and you will be alright.
  7. Sherry Lawn and Landscape

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    thats how I started. Walking around with a puch mower. Got better stuff to do then worry about the comp. Like working!
  8. ffemtmcd

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    well said - bravo!!! This is America after all - if you want the dream, get out and get it!!
  9. Pitbullawns

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    Hey, these days I am impressed to see any kid who wants to work hard and has an entrepreneurial spirit. So many teenagers seem like they are lazy and have huge entitlement complexes these days! I have lost bids because a customer has told me "the kid down the street does it cheaper" and that's okay with me.
  10. GracesLandscaping

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    i agree 110%. I dont believe in such a thing as a lowballer, i think of it as being competitive. The thing i dont like is what i call a cut-throat such as one year for like the first 2 months of the season this guy just starting out followed me to see lawns i mowed and then went up when i left and tried to steal them from me... thats something i dont like, and never have nor ever will do.... i also think its kinda unprofessional. I dont think im a lowballer but im sure not getting 65 dollars for a lawn that takes me 35 minutes like some people say "you have to"

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