Letter carving in grass of customer initial

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by chrisludwig, Apr 7, 2008.

  1. chrisludwig

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    Last year I observed a residence with a section of grass that had their Initial "cut" into the lawn. It was as if someone let a twenty foot by twenty foot section of grass grow about 6" and then they carved a letter in script inside it and neatly cut the rest to about 4 inches with the cut out section about 2". It looked really good.

    I am having several get togethers this summer and thought about trying it.
    Any suggestions on getting the Letter perfect?

    Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
  2. big acres

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    I once carved the Mona Lisa into a hillside... nearly caused an accident on the highway.

    (but seriously) I have hoped to get a get commercial account with a prominent piece of turf and carve their logo into it, with permission of course. It would be great for advertising and bragging rights.

    TARGET, BEST BUY... you out there????
  3. chrisludwig

    chrisludwig LawnSite Member
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    The one I saw was like someone took a big cookie cutter and cut out the grass of the letter and just made it real short.
    If it was done with a trimmer, the operator used that thing like a surgeon uses a scalpel.
  4. Lawn_Enforcement

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    I have seen companies/ individuals use inverted paint to spray out an ooutline in box letters of the residents last name.... then using a stick edger or push edger carved in a outline then used a trimmer to finish they said it wasntt o hard but to keep a steady hand and its grass it grows back so you can try it more then once just make sure the resident is ok with it ....
  5. Marcos

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    This isn't "cutting"...but it's still noteworthy.

    Around here in s. Ohio there's a big Ohio State- Michigan college football rivalry, often pitting neighbor-against neighbor...literally.

    Well, down the street from me an OSU grad plays a nasty trick on his Michigan neighbor...and while he and his family were away, the evening before the big game, the OSU guy goes in and paints this guy's ENTIRE front yard with an Ohio State insignia, using CASES of aerosol field-marker red and white turf paint !!!


    Needless to say...this favor was eventually returned to the OSU guys yard...in different colors, though.

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