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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by mwallingford, Aug 30, 2004.

  1. mwallingford

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    :confused: I received a letter the other day from TGCL. The letter states that they are (quote) "interested in expanding through acquiring financially established, customer-service oriented companies. Based on feedback from our local management team, your company has distinguished itself as a respected competitor."

    (end quote) What's going on here. Are they serious? I am just a small one-man company who has been in business for 4 years in my community. I will admit that I have gotten some of their customers. Generally by word of mouth. In fact, this year is the first year I have ever advertised in the local newspaper. But each I grow a little more (especially with the Z-spray that I purchased last March), and their customers call me. I don't do telemarketing.

    Their trucks have to travel approximately 60 miles to service this community and the surrounding area.

    I think the reason people have come to me is because they know me, they know I'll come to see them in a minutes notice (or return their phone call), and I'm the one they'll see each time for an application.

    I think I'll just stay around for a while, unless they're serious, and the pot is very sweet.

    Incidently, I'm a retired high school teacher who was born and raised in the area.

    What do you folks think? I need advice.
  2. Tscape

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    Just the way the machine rolls on, man. The offer won't be sweet enough, I would bet. Keep working on building your company and pass it on to your son, or sell it to another little guy who cares, or sell it to TG in 10 years when it is worth that much more. Whatever you do, it doesn't change the fact that you got a form letter from the evil empire. You did not just get rich quick.
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    How many clients or square feet are you servicing?
  4. grassguy_

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    I've got the same form letter as well, TGCL is in a position now that its much easier to make aquisitions than to try the already destroyed telemarketing industy. Feedback is they are matching dollar for dollar and in some cases even more. I know of one such buyout that went for $1.60 on the dollar, not a bad return! It's a decision you need to really look over from all aspects, whether you want to get out of the business or continue to grow your business yourself. What will you do if you sell out, back to teaching or another profession? Possibly work for them? I'm sure you got into this work because you like working for yourself and being outdoors, etc, so you need gauge if its worth giving up some of these freedoms you currently enjoy.
  5. greenerpastures

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    Sure it comes with lots of headaches -----but nothing substitutes for being your own boss. Sounds like you are in the driver's seat, so enjoy the ride.
  6. loser135

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  7. TurfProSTL

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    If they want you bad enough (and they probably do, as they're driving the 60 miles for fewer customers now), you could probably get $1.20 on your annual revenue. And, make them buy your receivables. Sell the equipment yourself.

    'Course if you do all that, you're out of business in your community for five years.

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