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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by moemann, Mar 7, 2005.

  1. moemann

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    Can anyone help with a professional letter for soliciting new business?
    Where can I find a good template?

  2. drsogr

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    You should let people know for what services you are soliciting and your audience....then maybe someone might be able to help you out.
  3. tonygreek

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    i think you'd get a lot more out of it if you'd write a short 2 or 3 paragrapher on your own, re-read it a few times, edit it, and if you want, post it here for advice.
  4. tiedeman

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  5. Green-Pro

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    Couldn't agree more, I've browsed some templates and in the end I find I can do a better job....this is in relation to my target customer base and the message I want to personally get to them.

    Take your time writing it, no more than one page, use all etiquette and business letter format, check and recheck for typos spelling mistakes, if you have a contact name use it i.e.

    under the bleachers corp.
    attn: Seymour Butz :) sorry I couldn't resist

    Anyway if you don't have and can't find a contact name I use Facilities Manager. I have always followed up with a phone call and or a face to face visit. This accomplishes many things, they may tell you they have your letter and card on file, they can place a face to a company name, establishes a line of communication, you likely will get the name of the contact person, etc.

    In short I guess for me personally the templates can give you a good idea on format, but in the end as with anything else in starting a business my golden buzz phrase for my company of two (me and wife/cfo) "be proactive, extremely proactive"

    Good luck and like Tony says post it for a look see, you will find many willing to offer constructive criticism.

  6. Team Gopher

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  7. Carolina Cutter

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    This is a rough draft of my realtor letter

    look here
  8. TLM

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    It looks good.
    I have sent hundreds of letter and faxes to realtors, the shorter the better.
    That's what they tell me. I found that faxes are easy and quick. Just rember to list a number or an e-mail so they have the option to opt-out of the faxes.
    Just my 2 cents.

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