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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by ooo, Dec 13, 2005.

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    I took the first few lines of the letter from an example Borns Lawncare posted on here. Ive worked in landscaping for 15 years, but started up on my own last year. Upon review of several posts on the board, Ive decided to implement a few policies to existing customers and any new ones coming on board. This past year I pretty much took on anyone, alot of times on their terms, and Im certain I could have done things a bit better. I am sending a letter to people to try and get an idea what Ill have for definate work, and fill in new customers as I get them. Im eliminating biweekly people and trying to make the billing process easier for me. I have this letter and wondered if anyone had anything they'd add or take out. Please see attachment.


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    Couple minor chages... Do you do actual snow removal or just clear... I had a couple lots call me for actual removal of snow banks....

    be more specific on you billing "paid around 1st of month" make it set in stone when payments are due....
  3. Mower For Less

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    On the bottom of your services list, there should be an "s" at the end of "odd".

  4. chimmygew

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    "3. All customers' pre ordering services will be given preference of cutting days, approximate date of service, or done on a first day available basis."

    Break your daily routes into certain areas. Don't let the customer decide what day to be mowed. If I did that, all mine would be done on Friday. And unless Friday is everyday, I can't do it. They get done on the day I am in their area.
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    Thanks for the advice ....all good points.
  6. MacLawnCo

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    you say 10% discount for pre-ordered. Ok, so what is the big deal if they preorder. Wont everyone who contracts for annual service be preordering? If they order before service, that is a preorder. You want to give every single client 10% off?

    I offer a PREPAY discount, but it only amounts to 5% and money must be recieved by 4/1/200x. Even at 5% im reluctant to give this discount and honestly find a way to make that 5% back through reduced service or such.

    10% will put you out of business in an instant. do reconsider.
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    Well I guess i could re-word it to pre-order before start of season. I mean If a customer has a $30 lawn(x 30 cuts), orders mulching for season worth 400, and fertilizing worth 300 and agrees before the start of the year, I discount 10% off total.
    900 + 400 + 300 = 1600
    10% discount = 1440 + 100 tax = 1540
    1540 divided by 9 monthly payments = $171.11

    Just figured a process such as above saves me billing time, and eating 10% ($160) is well worth the time and hassle. I just thought the 10% might also spark interest from new clients or existing clients ordering additional services when I advertise it as such. Don't think its a wise idea?
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    10% of 1600 is 160 making the total after discount $1440. resulting in $160.00 per month for 9 months.
  9. mcwlandscaping

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    I like the letter quite a bit though and agree with the others suggestions.
  10. Mower For Less

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    If your legally allowed to collect tax, you cannot figure that into your gross. If you are not legally allowed, but do it just to put your price back up, then do NOT call it tax anywhere in writing. Just tell the customer, plus x amount for tax, and this is the new total. NEVER write tax anywhere, or even have an extra line where such an amount would/could have been figured. Do it in your head, or on a calculator, and then total it for their price.

    And I agree, 10% is a big discount for us lawn guys. 5% works well, and only for pre-pays. Mark your price up to cover the discount ahead of time. That way if they dont pre-pay, you still make out. Why discount pre-order if their not going to put up money in advance? Whats the difference between pre-order and any ole' customer who says cut my lawn every week? Are you suggesting you might have customers that call you from week to week depending on if they want a cut or not?


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