Letter to my Congressman


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a well written and much needed letter. I use to live in Lewisville, E Round Grove Rd area. You are correct, I left there because of all the crooked green industry business in that area

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This really bothers you, doesn't it. Been chewing on you day after day.

I spend my rainy days servicing equipment and trying figure out how to reschedule everything. I don't have time to worry about somebody else. I think there are probbaly a lot worse tax evasive people out there, like large businesses who can afford several good accountants who know how to tweak the system on tax breaks and end up raping the system.


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Great Letter!

If you don't mind I am going to copy the letter and put my pertinent info in.

Every serious company that follows the rules should copy this letter and send it in. Who knows could be a start to something.

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Chris Webber's real first name is Mace. Go Spartans! :laugh:


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Well done, very professional!

I think cheats in business should be corrected, it is the law afterall and we see the benefits of paying our taxes etc.


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Many good points I might add...I'd be very interested in what kind of response (in writing) you receive (if any at all). Direct, informative, and to the point as well.


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You're joking right???

On 01/08 of this year you had this to say:

Plenty of LCO's on this thread use 'suspected' illegal labor and have no regrets.

I just want to know how to pay them and stay out of trouble with the government. I'm beginning to suspect the answer is, just don't ask any questions about their SS#. But that doesn't solve the problem of them cashing their paycheck.

Im beginning to think that you are a democrat baptist.