Letting diesel run wile you work?

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by South Florida Lawns, Jan 11, 2009.

  1. South Florida Lawns

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    There is this LCO with a 1 ton Dodge and they leave the truck running all the time when they mow across from my shop. They do a commercial business park that takes the maybe 10 min. max. I just don't get it though because isn't it bad to let the engine sit like that and idle? Semi's can do it because they can idle the truck at higher RPM's right? I was looking at a Chevy the other day and I think you can get that option now, something about a high idle switch, or is that something totally different?
  2. wellbuilt

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    On my ford LCF it is for the power take off for the dump or Air compressor it is built into my cruse control so you can raise the RPMs of the motor . The thing is if there is no load on the motor you don't want to leave it running . In NY you can get a ticket for it . John
  3. Gravel Rat

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    The newer emmissions engines you can't idle them for long periods why do you think the 6.0 Ford had so many problems. My 03 F-450 has idle control for the PTO so I bump the rpms up to 1200 to defrost the truck in the winter.

    Most cities have a anti idling law you can't leave a vehical unattended idling for a X amount of minutes.
  4. jefftb

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    Some companies have "run-time" clauses in their contracts for service work.

    For some of these they include travel time to the jobsite which is based off the run-time of the engine to get to the jobsite.

    The trucks for these projects have engine run hours that the tech has to read at the start of travel to the job and when pulling away. Unethical companies can leave them running for these small projects to pad the bill.

    Not saying that is what is happening here but I do know it exists.
  5. South Florida Lawns

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    It was a smaller owner operated business. I have talked to the guy briefly, he says it just a habit.
  6. Chop Stuff Up

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    I know the powerstroke we have (I don't personally own) bumps up the RPM's automatically in the cold when at idle.
  7. Even Cut Lawn Care

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    So do the 2003 and newer 5.9L cummins. Not sure about the 6.7L's I dont plan on owning one of those!!
  8. JMLandscaping

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    We leave all fire apparatus running while at a call somtimes that for hours straight, the truck runs and the generator runs (auto throttle like a welder)

    High idle is used for when we park the trucks but need to run somthing off the motor (pump, lights etc.) when pumps are engaged you can adjust the trottle via the control panel.

    Basically I dont think its hurting them
  9. Atlantic Lawn

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    Many BIG trucks leave their motors runnin' all the time, some guys with little trucks like to act like the guys with big trucks.
  10. integrityman

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    Ummmmm- why waste the fuel? Not like their running a generator or other apparatus? Many municipalities do have ordinances that prohibit leaving an unattended vehicle running. Most auto thefts occurr when the vehcile has keys in and or is left running.

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