Letting potential customers know your out there.

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by B & S Lawn Care, May 14, 2001.

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    I live in a town of a little over 30k. I want to get my name out to the subdivisions, new homeowners, etc. Granted there have been guys mowing in these areas for years, so many of my new customers say that they just can't seem to find anyone. Thats very odd because now that I'm in the business, every other truck I see has a trailer or a truck bed with mowers in it. In short, who are the best people to talk to and the best ways to sell your company to stay ahead of the other guy and those fly-by-niters? Plan on tryin to make some calls in the mornin. Thanks guys!!!!!
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    Get out there with flyers and maybe a paper ad for a little while. Make sure everything you do is very professional and perfection and quality is your priority. Do this and you'll be on your way from word of mouth.

  3. cp

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    Flyers, Flyers, Flyers...

    I just started and the flyers that I make on the computer with a business card glued to the front on every mailbox, newspaper bin or door step I can find.

    Much higher return than all the newspaper ads you can buy...but you have to get them out there and double check all grammer and phone numbers...VERY IMPORTANT FIRST IMPRESSION...no hipe just that facts, whether you are a cutter or a full service kind of dude just the facts no discounts or specials....Good Luck..

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    But, this weekend I'm going to talk to people one on one. Go to their house and talk to them like a door to door sales men, with my rig so they can see I'm a pro. Fliers have only gotten me 0.2% return for actual clients.
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    Flyers and Doorhangers. I personally like doorhangers best since they are so simple to use. I have used postcards as well as mailing flyers also. Targeting a sub-division in early Spring for that season or early Fall for next season has gotten my best responses. Again right around the time for the first Spring mowing for those procrastinators is also good if you have the time around that time of year.
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    "..double check all grammer and phone numbers..." - Chris.

    That would be grammar Chris!:D

    Good suggestions, but I personally [wife too] think it's tacky to stick flyers to mailboxes--it seems they always come loose and blow around the neighborhood or else one of the neighbors throws his on the ground or a neighbor kid pulls them all off and throws them on the ground. I vote for the doorhanger, but make absolutely sure it's well attached and remember some people are going to be mad you put it there because they're out of town, stopped the mail, paper, etc. and you came along and now there's a doorhanger there for the week or two they're gone and they see it as advertising to crooks that no one's home. Will M.
  7. joshua

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    ok, heres what i found out from a survey of asking alot of older home owners that i either cut for or their neighbors. all (except a few) told me that when a lanw service has to advertise with door hangers and fliers that they must not be very busy with work, meaning they must not be good, ect.. and that they won't call that service.

    but what i found out is what we all know if you do a good job you'll get afew referals. if you do a great job day in and day out and make your customers happy, their tell everyone of their friends about you and have their friends tell their friends. word of mouth is the best possible way to advertise.

    i put out around 1,000 fliers this year not 1 job only calls (4) from the customer i have and just neightbors that cut thier own lawn that see i do a great job day in and day out, over 50 calls.

    don't waiste your time on fleirs and that other stuff. its just like picking up the newspaper- when you pick it up you don't see all the big named companies in your area just new guys, scrubs and lowballers, all most all of them. but their are guys that do put ads in the paper that aren't because i know afew guys on here do and they do a great job, its up to you , just my personal opinion.
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    i love word of mouth. usually means you are gonna get the job. i just got a good job restoring the landscaping at one house because the neighbor thinks i am a great guy or landscaper or whatever. million dollar home :) this woman came to me, we talked, she was getting other prices and just told me to do it because of the recomendation her neighbor gave for me or however you say that. we were walking around yesterday (yes mother's day) and i saw things. she said do them. not everything. but there is several thousands of dollars in work there. she loved my ideas so i think i will be getting the new people once she moves out late summer. now i know you think that word of mouth only comes from homeowners. however! last year i met a tree guy. all he does is tree work and stone work. so he went and recommended me at some million dollar homes that needed the lawns done. the smallest place i worked at that he got me was worth about 1 million dollars. the biggest was about 20 million or so. he pulled me out when i got stuck and now wants to give me about 30+ plowing accounts because he wants to get out of that part of the business. try to talk to some construction people. see if they need lawns redone after they mess em up. or builders, tree guys, masons, etc. these guys are always gettin people askin them for somebody to do the lawn. or to put in a lawn, etc. that would be your best bet. but dont go in there cold. the way i got in with this tree guy is that i had some tree work i didnt wanna do. so i called him up, and also i knew a guy who buys lumber. so if you help them out they will help you out most likely. or if you have friends or something. never hurts. even go to the deli's. the place i keep my stuff at now is a deli. so far i have gotten 4 jobs off that place. and i havent even been there a month yet i dont think. those 4 jobs total up to about 100,000 dollars in work. only one of them was below 1000 dollars. the others were over 2 and one was 75,000. so i am not complaining. talk to people who you know. the delis you go to, the tree guys you see, friends of the family. etc. doctors, a friend of mine got a 40,000 dollar landscaping job minimum from my father's chiropractor. if only my father would have said something to this guy. but oh well. so what if fat boy gains another 10 pounds. ive said my piece. now go and get more work
  9. Mike (MLC)

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    Word of mouth will get you a good amount of clients. But, if you don't have that many word of mouth people, try the newspaper ad. That's what I did when I first started out and I had a enormous amount of people call me. And most were decent and good people. I did put out fliers but I didn't get near the calls.

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