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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by bobbygedd, Apr 19, 2005.

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    along the lines of apontes two prospects saying "the last guy was doing it for $28" when he quoted them $40 something...i myself ran into 2 similar scenerios over the past couple weeks. i quoted alot higher than the last guy, with whom they were very disapointed. this one lady says, "$33? the last guy was $25." this is what i did. i said i can't sell you a top package at those rates, but i'll tell you what i CAN DO. i can go $27 a cut, but only do the back every 3rd visit, and do only one aplication in the back, while doing the full program in the front, and keeping the front in perfect condition. the back gets one pass every 3rd week. this will keep the work within your price range, and allow me to maintain a reputation of providing a nice product. this is "level b" service, and it sells easily. i made a good sale that day, the face value of the sale was lower, but the profits were much higher. all she seemed to be concerned about was the price per cut , but look what the outcome was: the front lawn is 1500 sq ft. the back is 3k. the fert program was $288 for the entire property (no grub included). i came down $6 a cut, and $30 off the fert program. so, i'll get $27 a mow for 1500 sq ft, once every 3 weeks run the mower over the 3k backyard (no wacking) and i got $258 for a fert program on the 1500 sq ft front yard. she wanted to pay a cheaper price, so, i gave her a cheaper service, but actually made MORE MONEY doing it. is that so bad?
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    Sounds like you have it all figured out :rolleyes:
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    Bobby, I agree with you on this one (cant believe I said that). I started on all my new estimates this week of offerering prestige lawn care (which the tightwads dont want) or just mow and go, no blowing, edging. or weedeating. I actually figured I would make more money like this and since these folks dont care if their yard looks like sh-- then I dont care. I hate to get to that point but it has come down to that.
  4. bobbygedd

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    that's what i'm saying, as long as the front looks good (which in turn makes me look good), why should i care about the back yard? i got what i needed to get, and the client somehow, thought she got what she needed.
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    We've been doing this for a few years now. Some customers really don't care what the back looks like as long as the front that their friends see looks good. We have also been doing the fert on the front only for years, however we very seldom skip the weed spraying in the back because a yellow back yard really looks bad. Give em what they want as long as you make money.
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    Well Bobby, mother nature will break you of your new habit. Once every 3 weeks is taking it too far on the back lawn. You could have went bi-weekly on the back and still hit your target rate per 1,000 on this property, and the bi-weekly would have been better for both parties.

    I used to have some with small, well manicured front lawns, and then the back 40. So I went weekly up front and bi-weekly out back.... and of course I had more than one on the same day route. So they were on alternating weeks to avoid the easy week/hard week schedule.

    Well, mother nature broke me of that when we came out of our drought cycle. I was logging more hours on the bi-weekly part than it took to just cut it every week. But no way was I just going to give in and mow the whole place every week like that, otherwise I would have been stuck with it. So I had to force renegotiation.... which made cutting and billing for the back each week to my descretion.

    With no end to the wet weather in site, the following year it was not even an option. All of it every week or nothing.

    But anyways, check your numbers on what I was saying before.
    On a 1500/3000 lawn, you would be cutting 6,000 sq ft cumulative per 2 weeks.
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    I would be very carefull with that kind of thing. Most of my business is word of mouth or rather when people see my truck parked in front of thier neighboors house and they like the lawn cut. It is a good idea but just consider what you could be getting yourself into. Besides some of those people that are haggling over 6 or 7 dollars a cut aren't worth having there short term because someone is always going to bid you a dollar less.
  8. Ric

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    Are you ready to try B level service?? That might be a big step up from D level service. :D
  9. crawdad

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    Where is he now, I would ask? Out of business?
    Why do they expect to get good service for the same price as the one they were disapointed with?
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    i know, i know, but this is the way it is.

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