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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by jerryt1126, Jun 30, 2004.

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    I've read the archives and didn't see this before, so I apologize if this has already been answered. My question is what experiences you've had in being an owner that isn't involved in the actual mowing, etc. I have a full time job and want to start something that I can move into once I'm making a strong income. I assume there are companies that have started with the owner just getting the accounts and handling the business without actually mowing. Any thoughts and experiences would be greatly appreciated.
  2. ahfd311

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    the guy i use to work for priced everything out. I never saw him. he was always too busy golfing. hope that helps to answer your question
  3. jerryt1126

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    I'm not sure what that means.
  4. fixer67

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    I thank that legally speaking if you own it you own it and that is that. It does not matter if you are on site at the yard being worked on or on Mars what happens on that site is your responsibly. You are just as liable for any thing and every thing going on there because they are there in your name. I am no lawyer but that is how I see it so you need to be careful as to who you hire even more so if you do not plan on being at the site the work is being done. The reason I say this is I have seen this done and the owner hired just any one he could get and never checked on the worked and got in a real mess. His name became a curse word in these parts.

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    Almost all the big boys are run by people that do not push mowers---BUT--- I believe that you need to be hands on for a while if you are just starting up as it would be hard to get people that will do the job right from the start.
    when you start you will have 0 accounts and you need to hire people. How are you going to pay them. If you only have 10 jobs what are they going to do the rest of the week. I think it would be hard to go from 0 to work for a full week for a crew overnight.
    Best plan IMO would be to start part time yourself and build up to where you need a helper, get your helper to where he can run the show than get him a helper and you play golf. Just stay on the public course as you will not make much money off 1 crew. You will have to have many crews to really make a living without working the business. Just my thoughts
  6. dvmcmrhp52

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    I don't personally believe this will work so well when just getting started.
    You will have a lot to learn yourself much less having someone who is only collecting a paycheck doing all the work without your presence.
    Can it work?
    Will it work?
    I believe the odds are against it.
  7. txlawnking

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    Agreed, reputation is important in this biz, and it doesn't come cheap or easy.. That said, you have the same idea I have. My goal is to develop my biz into an asset, and then hire/ promote a competent bussiness manager so I can make my time, MY time, and develop other assets.
  8. Mikes Lawn Landscape

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    What he means is the owner was not involved in the business at all and spent his time golfing and now ahfd311 has quit and started his own company. Just curious if you dont have experience mowing lawns how will you train these employees.
  9. finallyfree

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    You want to know if the owner needs to be out cutting grass..
    I have to say no, but I was a superviser for manufacturing firm
    when my other 2 friends asked me to join up and help them run the business... it was just them 2 and 2 employees working full time, I told them I would join them only if they would give me free reigns to get theirs business going and depending on what I came up with I would make my desicion.
    They had more work than they could possibly do, so I hired 5 more guys, bought 2 60" Lexmarks and put them to work
    while at the same time telling my friends to concentrate on getting more work and the other to Supervice the shop and

    Needless to say what at first took the crew 1 1/2 months to do they can now do in a week and that led to more work.

    Contract price did not change but now the company can pocket
    an extra $20,000 by eliminating a month and a week ..That said
    I joined up promoted 3 guys to crew leaders gave them their expectations, my work day starts at 8:00 if you call talking to prospective costumers work, come and go as we please and take our wives out for dinner every so often. We got 5 experience landscapers on call and I do not regreat leaving my job of 20 years.

    I started backwards, I decided what we wanted to take home weekly and worked from there.. to make this I need x plus x.

    The bigest thing is the people you hire, I do not hire if you dont have a valid licence, 3 years of experience and can jump on a machine and run it with out me showing them..It has worked for us.

    Good luck anything is possible if you are willing to follow through with it.
  10. lennonpaul

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    I doubt that it'll work unless you find top notch employees and are willing to pay them for it, but with competitive pricing its hard to pay everyone well and still pay yourself when your paying everyone to do everything. MOst guys you hire will need to be taught how to build walls, patios, landscape install.... many people will apply and act like they know how to do it then they try doing it themselves and do a half azz job if your not their. Anybody thats really good at everything will either have their own business or want to be paid well, then he'll drag butt getting the job done because your paying him well and your not their........ then your have to hire another guy to watch the other guy to make sure he works fast and the cycle goes on and so your profit goes down :blob3:

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