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Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by mike174, Feb 6, 2010.

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    Completed a 20' x 30' paver patio in the fall for a customer and I think we spent too much time manually leveling the patio. Does anyone have any tricks/technology for leveling a patio while maintaining the pitch that they wish to share?
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    we use a string line, line level, and tape measure.

    Yes, we DO own a nice laser level. However, we DO NOT use it for leveling paver bases.

    The great thing about the string line is it provides you with an overall visual, as to where low and/or high levels may be.

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    What we do......You need some 2' rebar, one for each corner set them to grade using a laser level, factor approx. 2% grade or 1/4" per foot slope. Tie string at top end, pull tightly to opposite end, now using 1" gas pipe and straight screeding boards pull the sand over top of pipes at required distance below string. No dips or valleys unless your pipes are crooked.
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    Thank you everyone for your replies. We used the rebar w/ attached string lines, line levels, tape measure, etc method. We also made adjustments after double checking areas w/ a 4' level that looked off compared to the string lines(base material). I thought I was missing something, but it looks like there aren't any shortcuts. Over the years we've only installed a couple small walkways or small patios per season, so I always feel like I'm missing some new method the "big hardscape companies" are using. I know if we do more installs, we would get quicker and that feeling of taking too long will disapear.

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