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    I picked up a 12' long, wide flange beam which is 12"x12". My book say it is between 70# - 120# per foot, depending on flange and web thickness. I plan on making a drag to help level large areas. I have about 2 acres I need to level in two weeks. I was planning on adding "wings" to the beam which would carry material ahead of the beam and prevent it from rolling. My question is, should I mount it solid to some type of coupler and push it or utilize it like a drag with chains. The complete beam should be about 1,200# when finished, so it may not need any down pressure from the machine to do a good job. If mounted solid to the machine, I could utilize the float function also.

    A soil conditioner works well also for leveling, but I don't own one yet. The beam was inexpensive, so I'd like to give it a try. Also the beam is 12' wide vs. about 6' or 7' when the soil conditioner is angled. Any other suggestions?
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    I would attach it to the draw bar of your tractor and pull it around. You might even be able to adjust the chains so one is shorter than the other so it pulls at a slight angle. If it works well, you could probably windrow any loose rocks, sticks, etc and pick them up with the bucket of a tractor. I think the weight might be a little heavy, but a lot will depend on the condition of the ground you're trying to level.

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