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levels of motivation

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by jeffex, Dec 19, 2004.

  1. jeffex

    jeffex LawnSite Bronze Member
    Messages: 1,933

    way back in 1979 a business I started out of college contracted with The news American, one of two newspapers in our area at the time. They paid for an "Achieving Your Potential" seminar for their distribution Mgrs to go to this and get the info materials. They all laughed and joked about it and said it as a waste of time. I asked if I could have the materials and look them over. Sure what the hell they said. "wastin' yer time kid" One of the many things I learned was that there are basically 4 levels of achievement. here goes ! Which level are you at? Is this full of crap? What does it take to get to the next level?

    MONEY LEVEL : Money is your only motivator . After your first taste of cutting for cash you start to say "if I could get x amount of lawns I could make x amount of money". You are usually looking to the future wishing and wondering how to get more lawns for more money.
    COMPETITIVE LEVEL: Money is still important to you. Each level you go up ADDS an additional motivator not cancels the one below. Now you begin to think of yourself as a PLAYER in the business. You start to try and be the best in your area. You see other companies working and have the desire to be better than they are. I guess we want to rise above the SCRUB LEVEL. Your confidence in bidding and getting work improves.
    TEAM LEVEL: If you have employees you start to motivate them and yourself by building a team spirit to your crew. Talking to them about pride and teaching them about the levels of motivation. Pointing out to them the level they are on as an employee and motivating them to move up the ladder. If your solo then this level is the interaction between you and your competitors. You talk with them about improving pricing and quality. You are respected by them and give it back.
    PROFESSIONAL LEVEL: At this level you are making the kind of money you couldn't't even dream of at the money level. Your services are the some of the best in the area. Your equipment and appearance is first class. Your crews are making great money and are proud of the work they do. Many of them are motivated above the money level and are starting to train new hires about the levels. If your solo you are respected by your customers and your competition. Your opinion is valued and your prices are not questioned. You are motivated by the desire to be the best dam lawn guy you can be . You control your own destiny and everything seem to fall in your lap!!

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