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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by Gene $immons, Sep 7, 2004.

  1. Gene $immons

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    I planted a few Leyland Cypress trees for a customer last spring. One of them now has a brown (dead) top part, and several of the other branches are brown as well. Is this tree a goner?
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    hey gene
    i planted 100 leyland cypress trees last fall.
    following planting, most of them had substantial brown spots at the bottom,up the sides, and a few in the top.
    i worried/wondered the same as you, however, they have all lived, and several continue to have the brown areas.
    contacted my local extension agent with your question, and she basically said it was a period of 'shock', plus the trees were adjusting to their new environment and 'shedding' old growth....
    anyhow, before i spoke with the county agent, i had watered the trees to the point of being afraid i would drown them/root rot. watering made no difference regarding the brown areas.
    back to my answer, i would tell you/the customer not to worry, let the new trees adjust to the soil/go thru shock period.
    btw, the leyland make a beautiful evergreen, minus the mess like the needles of pines. hope this unorganized reply helps...
  3. Gene $immons

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    THANK YOU for the info

    i feel better now!
  4. Rollacosta

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    sorry GENE and GREASY but as a full time certified arborist and person who deals with Leylandii on an almost daily basis ..i do not think theses trees are at all healthy in my experience when brown patches are seen on leylands it usualy means they are going to die..theyv'e probably been infected with some dieases via APHIDS [cypress aphids in this case]i would remove the dead/dieing trees to save the others or the aphids will return and spread the disease on to the others.sorry to be the bearer of bad news.but like i said i deal with leylandii day in day out and have done so for over 15 years

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