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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by hickory, Mar 20, 2004.

  1. hickory

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    The whole cost of insurance is way out of hand. Has anyone looked into this lately? What are people paying. What's the average liabily amount to have. Blah blah blah blah..........Is there a landscapers association out there that lobbys congress to go after the insurance companies to shake them up and say, "you're ripping the people off now stop it or I'll......" I don't know, I'm just venting about insurance.
  2. DJL

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    In New Jersey there is NJBIA, New Jersey Business Industry Association. They lobby senators, congressmen, and the like to not pass certain laws that would increase working cost. FYI.
  3. Ohlson P M & L

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    Insurance is out of control. I have 19 employees all covered under workers comp. I'm meeting with my insurance agent next week for renewal. Apparently, my workmens comp ins., had to be put into an insurance "pool", because my previous company did not want to take us again, my experience mod went to 1.3. Three years ago an employee cut the tip of his middle finger off because he decided to stick his hand down in a snow blower to dig the snow out, we had this machine red tagged and we instructed him not to use it. He didn't listen. Then we had a guy need a prescription because he decided not to use goggles when laying mulch. We began drug screening and physicals this year, I don't think any of the previous injuries were drug related, but I can't take any more chances. I pay appx. $2,700 a MONTH for insurance now. My deductables are $1,000.00 on all equipment and I only insure what I need to, of course, I have several trucks, trailers, dump trucks, bobcats, yada yada. We have no vehicle accidents either. I hate getting that bill every month! Insurance companies rape the little guys that is a guarantee! Minnesota offers a discount on Workers comp only if your average pay to all employees is $18.00 per hour. We average $15.00 per hour. The state told me my company was too small. So, I have to pay more. It's nuts! Sorry, I'm venting as well!
  4. monkey9197

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    damn u avg 15 an hour for your employees. i wish i had a job with a you a few yeas back
  5. charlies

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    IWIF blows. if terrorists wants to blow a building up, i wish they would make it IWIF. Of course, that would'nt really be terror, as contractors across America would cheer in that event.

    if you had employees, how much would you pay them?
  6. James Cormier

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    I agree insurance is costly and getting more and more costly...however you must agree that a big part of it is due to the huge % of lawn & landscape companies that dont bother with it and run there business under the table.

    Thats gotta have some effect on what we, legit busisness pay,

    Then to top it off this board is full of guys that almost brag about the fact they do cash work and no workmans comp. coverage. So i dont blame it all on the insurance companies their out to make money just like you and I
  7. charlies

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    yea, but no one is forced to have their lawn mowed by a particular lco. w/ workman's comp, they shove it down your throat. i HATE workmans comp. if i had a choice, i would drop thos b@stards in a second, and then run over them with a ztr.
  8. James Cormier

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    Well as a business owner I dont like paying workmans comp. or my real problem is the way it needs to be paid ( up front )

    However as a employee, ( which I was at one time ) I broke my back and if it wasnt for workmans comp I would have been in big trouble.
  9. charlies

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    aha...see, that's why it's so expensive.
  10. lavan

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    i understand about the high cost of insurance. . but there are a few ways to lower your cost. i am in Texas and workers compensation is sky high and if you are a little man you are going to get raped cause you are going to have to go into the pool. but you can go with accidental occupational which is cheaper than workers compensation. plus with occupational accident you can control where your employees goes as far as a doctor. this will cut down on those shady doctor clinics.
    but i have always said that companys that carry insurance are the ones you want working on your yard. i know here in Dallas that in order for you to get any commercial job (city, county, state) that it requires insurance.

    hey guys keep up the work....

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