Liability insurance for lawn bus. in Michigan

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Integritylawncare, Apr 7, 2007.

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    I would like advice on insurance prices and carriers for business liability insurance for small lawn care business in Michigan. I picked up my first commercial account this spring and after it stops snowing will start cutting. The business requires liability insurance and I am now shopping around for coverage and pricing and would like advice. Also how do people handle using a tow vehicle without commercial insurance coverage? Thanks in advance. When will it stop snowing?
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    If you are a new business, prepare to pay through the nose. Ck with Farm Bureau, or an independant agent.
  3. Alpha01

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    If you are need only General liability, I pay about $750 per year. 1,000,000 per occurance. its cheaper if its 500,000 per occ. you should check your contract. I use harrysville insurance company. Bridges and Tanjeras insurance office. call 248-651-8500. If you have letters on your truck you must have commercial insurance. your personal vehicle insurance will be voided if you get in an accident and have letters on your truck.

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