Liability Insurance in FL

Discussion in 'Florida Lawn Care Forum' started by panzafit, Mar 29, 2011.

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    Way too much. I assume your in florida? Call Bearwise in Orlando. They will get you a 1mil/2mil aggregate policy from Travelers for a little over 200. Can't do much better than that.:usflag:
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    What if you(or and employee) hit a water main, spicket on the side of the house, etc and flood the house and ruin the house and all belongings. Someone in the house dies, etc, etc, I'm sure that would lead to a lawsuit.. Too many "what ifs" to not have insurance up to the gills! I have seen the flooded house situation before, not me, but too bad for the family that cared more about getting their lawn cut for $15 then hiring a profesional.
  3. mjlcare2

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    That doesn't sound right.. show us some proof if you don't mind.. I'm curious
  4. kickingrassllc

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    yes south florida.

    i tried a couple places and all were 600 and up

    will give them a call first thing monday morning, thanks so much
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    Talk to Dawn at Bearwise. Went to get insurance from them 2 years ago and found out I went to high school with her after we met each other in the office. I paid right around $240 a year. Equipment coverage is about 5 times that price for about $60,000 of equipment.
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    Travelers, through Black Bear Insurance Agency. Dawn Bennett. 1 million, 2 million aggregate. Around $450.00 per year. 866-296-2327. Cost is going to depend on your payroll.
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    Valid point for sure, like I said I have always carried insurance but it sure does seem like a waste every year when I pay that bill. But with that said I just got done reading a thread on here about a guy that had already broken two windows this year! :hammerhead: Seriously makes me wonder what the heck they care doing.

    The worst thing that I have had happen was my rear tire caught a 90 copper pipe going into the home. Broke it and of course with it being copper I did not have supplies to fix. Got lucky as construction was going on across the street. I shut the water off at the street, informed the customer, got one of the construction guys across the street to fix for 100 bucks. That is the only property damage that I have ever encountered so far, maybe I am getting lucky I don't know.
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    Payroll will play a part for sure , also if you have your equipment covered or not. One thing the person questioning insurance may want to think about is equipment coverage, if you are operating out of house, and if it should catch fire, your equipment most likely will not be covered by your home owners policy. It might be true for your storage facility too if off property. IMHO it is better to ensure that your way of making money is protected.
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    I don't see how anybody is getting a 1mil/2mil aggregate policy for around $200.. I think we pay closer to $1200 for ours with additional policy for the extra 2 mil required by a few of our contracts.. and this is from Dawn at Bearwise with policy's through Travelers and Southern.. So am I getting ripped or what? If you all are getting it for around $200, Guess I'm gonna be calling Dawn on Monday and start bitching
  10. Landscape Poet

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    I pay more than the $1200 for Travelers, but not by much and it includes equipment. Again your payroll will affect your outcome...solo ops are going to pay less than those with employees. I am not sure how the heck they are getting it for that price either though as I did not have that price when I was solo either, but again I had my equipment covered then too.

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