Liability Insurance?

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by mwallingford, Feb 9, 2001.

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    Can someone give me the names of some insurance companies in the green industry that write liability policies for pesticide applications to lawns. I just returned from a five day short course in Louisville, and Kentucky is now requiring a $1,000,000 policy before you can get your license. It would be nice to purchase a policy at a reasonable amount that doesn't cost an "arm and a leg". Thanks.
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  3. harleysville


    ohio Casualty
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    hey greenngrow here.

    check with your insurance agent that you have now. I got mine through my agent that has all my other insurance. He had to go through a broker (Equity) inturn they wrote it on Scottsdale. It cost me $800.00 per year.

    This requirement is good. Now if the state will enforce the law we will ok. Still too many are out there using back pack sprays and apply fertilizer without any training or qualifications. We need dto point these guys out. Before it hurt the industry.


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