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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by juicygrass, May 2, 2011.

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    Hi everyone.I wanted to ask a question about liability insurance.I'd like to have some insurance for protection in lawn mowing but heres my dilema.I work full time with a company doing lawn care and i dont really have much time to do alot of extra lawns on my own but i can handle a few.My question is can i get liability insurance for myself(only me cutting yards)without registering as a business?I dont really want to register as a business,get llc or dba and all that stuff for the amount of yards i can possibly only handle.I really just want to be protected from sue happy people and damages.Is this possible?I would like to make a little extra money on the side with the experience my job has given me.I pay taxes with my regular job already and don't see the sense of registering a business and paying more taxes with a business i dont plan on expanding past my few yards i can only handle.If in future i decide to change whether i want to expand or need to i can change all that legal stuff later.any comments would be greatly appreciated..thanks
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    If you do something, do it right. Give me you're full name and information, I'd love to turn you in to the IRS for not paying taxes. They love people like you.
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    first off i dont have a business and i already pay taxes.turn me into the

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    didnt you already have a thread about this? what you dont like people telling you the truth.
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    First to hit the point I just quoted from you above. I don't care if you do 4 lawns or 204, you should be paying income taxes on it. Not necessarily as a business but you should be claiming it on your taxes as additional income.

    As far as general liability I applaud you for wanting this. Many guys don't think they need it, but if you ever accidently shoot a stone through a fancy window or God forbid accidently shoot a stone into a neighbors 4 yr old kids skull, you'll deffinetly be glad you have the GL. I am not sure about getting it with out a formulated business. But in most state setting up a dba is free or relatively cheap. Here in MA which is one of the more expensive states, a LLC cost $500 fee plus you need to pay an attorney to do it for you, but a DBA is less than $50, and all you do is go to town hall and fill out a form.
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    This one is tricky. GL is not going to protect you if you are acting as a business, charging for services, but not really a business. Personal Liability insurance is not going to cover you while you are performing services for a fee. Business Liability insurance is clearly not going to cover you because you’re not in business. Professional Liability insurance does cover your type of services.

    If you cause damage while working on your own time you’ll be fully liable. But, their lawyer is going to go after you and possibly your employer (who knows how they think). Your employer will, no doubt, escape the law suit (of yeh he’s insured) but you’ll, no doubt, get fired. Although, if you’re using your employers equipment, it’s going to get real complicated real fast.

    If you’re not paying taxes, get some IRS Avoidance insurance and an annuity for your family to live on while you’re in the slammer.

    You want to do extra work and get ahead, nothing could be more commendable. With your energy and ambition you should not have any problem doing it right. Get your LLC going, get your DBA, get your GL insurance, file your business taxes and jump on in where the action is.

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