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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by MacKenzie, Jan 18, 2003.

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    I just had an independent agent go over my policies with a fine tooth comb, and the auto insurance is what really made a big difference in my annual cost. Be sure to examine ALL your insurance. It was a real eye opener.

    BTW, this was also a lesson in customer service. My former agent was invisible until I informed him of my decision to change carriers, THEN he got busy. Too late.

    As much time as we spend discussing customer service on this site, I thought it was an interesting case study.
  2. MacKenzie

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    Thanks for all the input guys,

    After doing some shopping it looks like I'm at about $800 - $1000 for a million worth of coverage. It appears that MA is on the high side again!

    Thanks again,
  3. DanaMac

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    I was at $500 a year for 1 million when it was myself up to last year. About $1300 now with 3 employees. All irrigation, no landscaping or lawn maint.

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