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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Shilohlandscaping, Aug 9, 2004.

  1. Shilohlandscaping

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    I did a quick search on liablility insurance on this forum and wasnt able to answer my question.. Having just started up my business (part time for now and mainly just maint..), I called for a few quotes on liablility insurance. They all need me to send more info, but their feeling seems to be that it will run me about 3k per year, considering my projected gross (this year) of about 30k. Is that pretty much in the ballpark? Seems a bit highish to me.


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    I would keep looking around. My business insurance guys is also my neighbor and according to him your price is normally figured off the equipment you have. Meaning any equipment over 2500.00 per piece is charged at such and such a dollar amount and anything below is covered under a blanket policy,

    I have a contractor package through American family for all my landscape stuff. 1 Mil policy 250.00 deductable costs 932.53 for the year. According to my guy the price really depends on the amount of equipment covered.

    Now if I could just find a good health insurance policy....
  3. Shilohlandscaping

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    Just got back my second quote.. $2493.00 / yr. Thats for $500k per incident coverage and $1 M aggregate. It also included $55 per year for equipment coverage and a $43.00 terrorism rider.. sheesh. I think that the rider is optional.
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    terrorism rider, huh?? what, in case a terrorist steals your line trimmer and runs through the mall with it??

    when it comes to any kind of insurance, get quotes from several different agencies. Many, in my opinion, dont have a clue so they try to oversell coverage (you know, like terrorism riders :) )
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    Hi Shilohlandscaping,

    Here is another post that discusses insurance prices.
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    I pay about $951 for 1 mil coverage

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