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Liberty Stone Pavers

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Hello. Has anyone heard of liberty stone pavers? We were originally looking at unilock and techo bloc but actually prefer the look of their abington (chestnut color) tumbled paver. The price is also more reasonable. Am I sacrificing a significant amount of quality by going with liberty stone vs. techo or unilock? Thank you for your help.
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I know the company is located in northeeast Pennsylvania (Ashley). Their website references a lifetime warranty (however the distributor says if you read the fine print it is more like 10 years). Around $2 s.f. for the pavers. Walls and caps are similar to standard pricing from other companies.
How are they marketing the product as a low end paver? If the color goes all the way through the block and the company is offering a warranty, what is the main cause for concern? Can you talk about your experience with installing the brand and how it has held up?
1 - 3 of 5 Posts
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