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    Is there any websites or places where I can obtain study information in the state of IL. for a applicator license, Any help will be appreciated!

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    In order to get an applicator license in the state of IL you must pass a General Standards test and a Turf test. (If you wish to spray trees, bushes, or flower beds you must also pass a Ornamental test. The University of IL has training seminars that you take the tests at. Study information for these tests are available at:
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    Here is another website: Pesticide Safety Education Program

    You can pickup study materials from your local University of Illinois Extension office...Click here to find one near you.

    They usually offer a 2-day class/test in different areas, or you can just study the materials on your own and then schedule a test date down in springfield.
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    Thanks Guys for your Help!
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    Get the training guides and look them over/study them a couple weeks prior to taking the test. Also take the training classes offered and you will pass.

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